Melbourne Contract Bridge Centre

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Melbourne Bridge Club

MCC Kew 397 Barkers Rd Kew 3101

Phone 9817 3936 ABN No: 88 791 813 415

Directors: Ian Mansell Sandra Mansell

Newsletter for week ending 20 Mar 2016

North - South East - West

Monday Day Merryl Howell & Ralph Lurie** Tom Blom & Carlo Venturini


Tuesday Day Margot O’Brien & Mim Blomquist** Ronda Cross & Lesley Johnstone

Night Barbara Benson & Barbara Lonergan Rita Cally & Oliver Goodman**

Wednesday Eve Tuck & Chris Lamb** Colleen & David Clift

Friday Liz Jones & Pippa Thornton Richard Gilbert & Steve Gapper**

Saturday Helen Kremer & Gordon Smyth Rita Cally & Tony Meade**

Hand of the week Friday 11 March Board 29 All vul Dealer N
 K95

 A9

 KQ102

 A942

 Q3 A86

 1074  KQJ2

 A654  J8

 J863  KQ105

 J10742

 8653

 973

 7

1NT X 2 -

2 - 2=
aking out 1NT doubled (again!)

North opens 1NT.
As East, with 16 HCP, what action do you take?
With 16 HCP, let us suppose that North has 15 HCP, that totals 31 HCP – leaving 9 HCP divided between North, West, and South.
Technically, it could be too dangerous to Double because if partner has nothing 1NT X would score 180 – not a good result, so Pass is the best option.
Suppose that you did Double. This signifies to partner that you have the same point range as opener, and invites them to Pass if they have points, or to bid their best suit without points. Note that the same consideration applies to South. With points they should Pass, with no points they should seek out their best fit.
Since South has only one HCP they should use Stayman to find a major fit. When partner denies a major South should bid their 5-card spade suit which, with careful play, should make 8 tricks - +110 instead of

There will be NO BRIDGE Friday 25th March (Good Friday).

The next Red Point events will be Tuesday 5TH April at 7.30pm and Saturday 26th March at 1.00 pm. All welcome.
Subscriptions for 2016 remain at $50.00. Payment may be made to MCC Kew Sports Club by direct credit, credit card, cash or cheque. If you pay directly to MCC Kew Sports Club please show me your receipt so that we may record that you have paid. The other alternative is to pay at the bridge club and we will forward payment on to MCC Kew. Please make out cheques to MCC Kew Sports Club.
Sandra and Ian

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