Literature 2/9 ff

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Literary MACHINES 1980 bis 1987, by Theodor Holm NELSON ISBN 0-893467-056-2

Literature 2/9 ff

  • A literature is s system of interconnected writings

  • The way people read and write is based in large part on interconnections

  • The Web of Connections in Science: She reads current articles .. These articles refer back .. to other writings .. is following links .. and refers to them ..

  • Our Western cultural tradition is a great procession of writings, all with links implicit and explicit between them.

Non-sequential Writing 2/25

  • The link facility gives us more than the attachment ..

  • It permits fully non-sequential writing, or hypertext.

Links 3/23 f

  • A link may be thought of as a jump opportunity, like a conventional footnote.

  • If the author wants, such opportunities become part of the text structure.

  • If you (the reader) don’t like it there, hit some sort of Return Button.

In-links, Out-links 2/31

Historical Backtrack 2/25

The Desing 2/5

  • The structure of documents and links to bie described here is, for a computer system, unusually simple.

  • The user has no direct contact with technicalities.

Front End - Back End 2/7

  • What we will discuss here is representing the true structure of a certain kind of Information (in the Back End), not how to show it (on the Front End).

  • Virtuality (I use for the design of interactive systems) is what it seems to be.

  • -> Trennung von Inhalt und Darstellung.

Front End - Back End 2/7

Memex 1/49 As we may Think (v. Bush)

  • Indexing: When data of any sort are placed in storage, they are filed alpphabetically or numerically..

  • Information is found, by tracing it down from subclass to subclass.

  • The human mind does not work that way. It operates by association.


  • The Xanadu™Hypertext System is a new form of storage intended to simplify and calriify computer use, and make possible new forms of instantaneous electronic publication.

  • The Xanadu Model

  • Transpublishing

  • Transcopyright


  • Hypertext und Hypermedia

  • Homepage von Ted Nelson (ab 2002)

  • Homepage von Ted Nelson (bis 2001)

  • The electronic Labyrinth

  • ::COLLABOR::

  • .. Und tausende weitere Quellen.

Yüklə 513 b.

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