Ivan the Terrible: Most Evil Men in History Video Guide

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Ivan the Terrible: Most Evil Men in History Video Guide

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DIRECTIONS: As you watch the video, answer the questions that follow. The answers to the questions appear in order in the video. If you find that you missed an answer, skip it and focus on listening for the next one. We will go over these together at the end of the video.

  1. Why did Ivan IV stab his son to death?

  2. How old was Ivan when his father died?

  3. Who did Ivan believe was saving him?

  4. What was a hobby of Ivan when he was a boy?

  5. When did Ivan announce his coronation?

  6. Why did Ivan think there were so many fires in Moscow?

  7. What three things did Ivan reform?

  8. What country did Ivan open up trading routes with?

  9. How many times did Ivan marry?

  10. Why did Ivan turn to Mercury?

  11. What happened in 1565 that confused and terrified Russians?

  12. Why did people in Russia prefer to have a dictator?

  13. Why did the Oprichniki carry brooms?

  14. What were the dungeons in Ivan’s “Monastery” used for?

  15. How did Ivan leave the dungeon after torturing people?

  16. What group suffered in the greatest number during Ivan’s reign?

  17. How did Ivan try to get people to confess to their sins?

  18. Where were executions carried out?

  19. What consumed Ivan’s final years?

  20. How old was Ivan when he died?

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