Iridium Satellite llc (country codes +881 6 and +881 7)

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Iridium Satellite LLC (country codes +881 6 and +881 7)

Communication of 9.VI.2006:

Iridium Satellite LLC, Tempe announces to the attention of subscribers to “AT&T’s Global Hubbing Services”, that with immediate effect AT&T can no longer offer services to terminate Iridium codes +881 6 and +881 7 to the Iridium network for an undetermined period of time while they are performing system upgrades to the AT&T network. AT&T will send out a separate notice to customers once the network upgrades have been completed and when they are ready to terminate Iridium traffic (+881 6 and +881 7) to the Iridium network.

In the interim, subscribers will need to update translations to send and terminate Iridium (+881 6 and +881 7) traffic to another carrier as soon as possible. Iridium is currently interconnected with two additional International Exchange Carriers:

REACH (Australia):
Sprint (United States):

Feel free to contact their local wholesale representatives for pricing and routing information. If your network has no other interconnected carriers other than AT&T, then please contact Mr Lee Coriell at the number below to inquire as to how to resolve this termination issue to the Iridium network.

Please ensure that customers are able to reach the Iridium network using the +881 6 and +881 7 country codes. Test numbers in our switch that will enable you to validate your routing changes are:

+881 6 311 10006, or

+881 7 311 10007

Calls placed to these numbers will validate your routing to the Iridium network by terminating with the following recorded announcement: "You have reached the Iridium Satellite Tempe Gateway, your access to the Iridium global network. Welcome.".


Mr Lee Coriell

PSTN Manager
Iridium Satellite LLC
8440 South River Parkway
TEMPE, AZ 85284
United States
Tel: +1 480 752 1179
Fax: +1 480 752 1105
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