In this unit we will look at… Glaciated Landscapes

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In this unit we will look at…

  • Glaciated Landscapes

  • Limestone Landscapes

  • Coastal Landscapes

  • You will…

  • Learn about the landforms associated with each landscape

  • Have to be able to describe and explain the formation of the landforms

  • Have to be able to draw sketches of some landforms

  • Have to know the processes that shaped these landscapes

  • Learn how to identify landscape features on an O.S map

Glaciated Landscapes

  • Throughout the lithosphere unit you will use O.S maps to identify features, using 4 and 6 figure grid references.

  • Task 1;

  • Look at the O.S map of the Cairngorms on the next slide and describe the evidence which shows that this area was once affected by glaciation.

  • Find features of glaciation on the map extract, and use 4 and 6 figure grid references to show where the features are on the map.


  • U-shaped valleys and

  • corries are features of

  • glacial erosion.

  • But what processes have

  • shaped these landforms,

  • and other landforms of

  • glacial erosion?


  • Plucking;

  • When rocks have become weakened by freeze-thaw, the moving glacier freezes onto the valley sides and floor

  • As the glacier moves downslope by gravity, the rocks that the glacier has frozen onto are torn away from the valley sides and floor

  • This produces rough, jagged rock surfaces

  • By tearing away huge rocks, the valley sides are left very steep and the base very flat.

  • Abrasion;

  • The jagged rocks and stones embedded at the base of the glacier or ice sheet, scrapes along the valley sides and base.

  • This is like a sandpapering effect, where the valleys sides and base become smooth

  • Where the rocks embedded in the glacier scratch along the surface, striations may be left on the rock surface. Striations are scratch marks on the rock surface.


Task 1:

  • Using the information that you have just heard and your

  • notes, answer the following question;

  • Select one feature of glacial erosion

  • and explain the processes involved in the

  • formation of this feature.

  • Annotated diagrams may be used.

  • 3 marks

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