In my opinion, it is not difficult to say that conclusions, which I gained from any life lessons have

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In my opinion

In my opinion, it is not difficult to say that
conclusions, which I gained from any life lessons have
vary kind of consequences due to them I have been
become better so far, despite that some of the
consequences had unwanted results. However, in my
mind stuck inference that a person will become better
not after a winning but more likely after a failing, if he is
able to stand and continue his way, although, may be the
person will lose he will have an experience and better
imagination which will not have a winner after the
winning, in contrast, with the loser one. Accordingly, the
loser one will use this knowledge in the following times
to predict a new failing and by this to achieve a success.
In addition, I do not indicate that we should lose always
but some times better just leave and say “NOT” rather
than to say “YES” and plunge into even greater depths of
failure. Moreover, in my opinion, strong people should
be able to do correct decision in any cases of life instead
of being sad.
Throughout my life I realized that I am too trustful to
everyone, therefore, this was my imperfection,
moreover, because of this I was being sad. Most of my
familiar, thereby, frustrated me, in doing so, in some
positions I lost my belief to the life. However, in either cases in which I was being sad, I could overcome, I was higher than the level of sad, besides, I was surrounded by many troubles because of that formed lack of motivation. However, I could say “I do not care” but it was not consisted in my manner, meanwhile I did not want to offend people. Thus, time had been going and afterwards I came to conclusion that - time to alter my relation to the world. A crucial moment then was unwanted actions from side of my familiar, since, I could lose my desire to do something at all just due to them. So I indeed started to change
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