Iceman Murder Mystery

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  1. Describe what life was like for people living during Ötzi’s time.

  1. Why is the copper axe important and how did it change our understanding of prehistory/history?

  1. What did scientist find in Ötzi’s shoulder and how did this change their theory of Ötzi’s death?

  1. By examining Ötzi’s body what are scientist able to determine about Ötzi’s life?

  1. How are scientists able to determine where Ötzi traveled through before dying?

  1. What evidence supports the theory that Ötzi was chased and killed?

  1. What are scientists able to determine while examining Ötzi’s brain?

  1. What do the findings in Ötzi’s stomach led scientists to believe?

  1. While examining Ötzi’s DNA, what do scientists learn?

  1. After examining all of the clues, how does the theory of Ötzi’s death change?

Writing Prompt: Using your knowledge and the artifacts write your own account of Ötzi’s last day of life. Explain why he was in the Alps, how he used his tools and weapons, why he was alone, and why was he killed.

Include the following:

-Introduction sentence (Introduce Ötzi)

-Provides at least three pieces evidence to clearly support or strongly defend the main idea.

-Closing statement (last sentence, rephrase your main point)

-Paragraph Form (5-6 well written sentences)

Yüklə 92,57 Kb.

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