Health risk in Smokers! The product is a powerful antioxidant

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Clinovitalal is a completely natural product produced with an innovative technology, preserving all bioactive components in it.

The idea behind the design of this food supplement was to create a user-friendly, 100% natural and tasty product for cancer-protection, based on many years of scientific examinations of the plant Clinopodium vulgare (CV). The product is targeted mainly to people with high cancer risk and those cancer patients who have passed through a surgical intervention and need a tool to minimize the risk of further recurrence of tumors. It is proven that CV reduces the chance for tumor formation with up to 60% and also have many additional health benefits such as anti diabetes, anti high blood pressure, blood vessels protective activities and immune system boosting.

The product is the perfect tool for lowering the health risk in Smokers!

The product is a powerful antioxidant, anti mutagen and an antibacterial agent. as well.

It strengthens the immunity, being a universal tool in the fight against pathogens and acts anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic.

The product is tested on animals for acute and chronic toxicity and for one year among consumers (with feedback) and has shown no side effects and lack of toxicity while all clients are satisfied.

The fact that the preparation is completely natural makes it easily acceptable and efficient. It could be produced in an Organic certified environment with organic certificate although even now the ingredients are organic.

This is the preparation on the market with the highest concentration of CV extract and the special grape Mavrud typical for the region and proven the highest content of bioactive health beneficial compounds among grape varieties.

Clinovital is extremely suitable for people with cancer, diabetics and heart-blood vessel related problems. Regulates blood sugar levels, helps to reduce bad cholesterol and creates reliable anti-tumor protection.

Clinovital can be prescribed / recommended to people with diabetes, oncological diseases, high blood pressure, varicose veins and hemorrhoids as well as children.

Clinitale is a liquid (syrup) formula available in bottles of 250ml and is produced with innovative extraction and concentration technology from Mavrud grape (250mg/ml), Aronia(250mg/ml) and CV(60mg/ml)). There are no high temperature operations during the process and contact with oxygen during the process is minimized. Extracts are very concentrated, making the preparation powerful.

ARONIA and Mavrud, in addition to CV give the good taste of the preparation and enhance the action of the CV adding further health benefits and acting synergically.

Recommended daily dose is 20-60ml of the syrope 1-3 times per day. Dissolved 1-6 with water. Could be taken before meal. Taste is good.
Yüklə 4,11 Kb.

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