Hara N, Efisiensi Penggunaan dan Dinamikanya dalam Sistem Padi Sawah

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BuletinAgrobio 2(1):1-6
Hara N, Efisiensi Penggunaan dan Dinamikanya dalam Sistem Padi Sawah
Sismiyati Roechan1, Irwan Nasution2, dan A. Karim Makarim1
1Balai Penelitian Tanaman Padi, Sukamandi

2Balai Penelitian tanah dan Agroklimat, Bogor

Nitrogen: It’s Dynamics and Utilization Efficiency in Lowland Rice Systems. Sismiyati R., I. Nasution, and A.K. Makarim. Large amount of nitrogen losses due to improper nitrogen fertilizer application is a major problem in rice production. Efficient fertilizer application technology needs to be practiced by farmers. Understand on nutrient dynamics is important in formulating techniques for increasing efficiency of nitrogen utilization. Technology to optimize nitrogen efficiency has been developed. Previous studies indicated that the best times for nitrogen application to rice plants were at early fast growing stage and at primordial initiation stage. If nitrogen concentrations in plants at these plant stages are optimal, it is expected that rice yield will be high. Application of N fertilizer in a slow released form is more beneficial economically and ecologically than the normal form. For example, application of tablet urea as a slow released form needs specific equipments and accommodation support systems. Therefore, the farmers’ knowledge and skill on the new technology need to be improved. On the other hand, soil properties such as soil texture, caution exchange capacity, as well as organic C and N contents og the soil need to be considered in effort to increase N fertilizer utilization.

Keywords: Nitrogen, efficiency, lowland rice

Yüklə 4,65 Kb.

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