H. E. Mr. Hideo Yamazaki, the Ambassador of Japan to BiH, in his visit to International Burch University held a fascinating speech entitled „Preface to Japanese Culture“

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Japanese Ambassador Hosted at IBU

H.E. Mr. Hideo Yamazaki, the Ambassador of Japan to BiH, in his visit to International Burch University held a fascinating speech entitled „Preface to Japanese Culture“ . As main organizer, English Department’s academic staff and students attended the lecture on Wednesday, the 7th of December

 Firstly H.E. Hideo Yamazaki paid a visit to Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Padem, University Rector, and expressed his pleasure of being invited for a guest lecture. This opportunity was used for talk on cooperation opportunities and exchange of presents.


As context for an interesting topic of the lecture, Ambassador described all essential and the most interesting things regarding Japan and his impressions about Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


In the beginning, H.E. Yamazaki talked about the 2 months that he has already spent in Bosnia and Herzegovina, emphasizing the hospitality of its residents that is the same as of the people in Japan.



H.E. Yamazaki focused on the historical backgound  that included the World War II as the turning point of two dramatically different societies. The modern society began its construction in 1868. The traditional Japanese society „Samurai“ changed into a modern society influenced by the Western culture after World War II. However, the family ties in Japanese society have always been strong, regardless of any influence. The speech was followed by the beautiful images of nature indicating the change of seasons, such as the images of cherry blossom.




The audience was extremely fortunate to gain knowledge about the religions of Shintoism and Buddhism, and the beliefs of the residents of Japan. Nature is the main inspiration for all aspects of life, and there is a belief that a man should live in harmony with nature, instead of trying to control it. This is really fascinating, due to the fact that Japan is known for being affected by many natural disasters. H.E. also introduced us to the terms: „tea ceremony“, Haiku poetry, and Japanese garden.




The conclusion of this refreshing and enjoyable speech contained the Ambassador's invitation for our students to come and see the image of Japan in person, describing his previous pleasant encounter with the Bosnian students in Tokyo. 


The question-answer part was as amazing as the whole speech. Here H.E. explained that a large red disk on the Japanese flag represents the sunrise. He also answered the question about the Japanese traditional cuisine, indicating the difference of today's eating habits that are almost the same as in all parts of the world, and the traditional food that included fish and rice, specifically mentioning the legendary „sushi“. 




At the end, Dr. Azamat Akbarov English Department's Head, read the Appreciation Letter on behalf of the Burch University dedicated to the Ambassador, after which he handed it to H.E. along with a small gift.

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