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Film review
‘’Loving Vincent”

Biographical crime story, 2017

“Loving Vincent” movie isn’t based on any book. The film is set in Netherland and France in the 1891, one year after van Gogh’s death. The main character of the film is Armand Roulin, the son of van Gogh’s friend. Our protagonist must deliver a letter from Vincent to his brother Theo. At the beginning he isn’t convinced to his task and the person of Vincent van Gogh, but then he starts to be convinced more and more. Film also tells story of enigmatic Vincent’s death. All film was made by handmade images based on Vincent van Gogh’s paintings.
I think that the acting in this film is really nice. Douglas Booth as Armand Roulin, Robert Gularczyk as Vincent van Gogh, Jerome Flynn as doctor Paul Gachet, Bill Thomas as doctor Mazery and more another actors and actresses. My favourite character is doctor Mazery because he is extravagant and funny.
I think that this is ideal film for people who like art, van Gogh and good films. The story is very interesting and a bit sad at times. Music is really nice and idea is very interesting . I give ‘’Lowing Vincent’’ 5/5.
Go and watch it soon!

Kamil W.
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