Elise Arsenault

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Elise Arsenault AEA

(202) 316-3350 Height: 5’6” Eyes: Hazel Mezzo-Soprano/Alto with Belt

www.elisearsenault.com Weight: 128 Hair: Red/Auburn elise.arsenault@gmail.com                


BEAT GENERATION (WP) Vicki Merrimack Rep Theatre Charles Towers

DIARY OF ANNE FRANK Mrs. Van Daan Ocean State Theatre Company Amiee Turner

THE KING & I Anna u/s- Ensemble Ocean State Theatre Company Amiee Turner

INTO THE WOODS Lucinda Lyric Stage Company Spiro Veloudos

CITY OF ANGELS Angel City 4 Lyric Stage Company Spiro Veloudos

AVENUE Q Mrs. T/Bad Idea Bear Lyric Stage Company Spiro Veloudos

(Elliott Norton Awards- Outstanding Ensemble & Musical Production, IRNE Award- Outstanding Musical Production & Broadway World Boston Awards Nomination, Best Actress in a Musical)

FOOTLOOSE Ethel Ivoryton Playhouse Richard Amelius

TAMING OF THE SHREW Bianca The Colonial Theater Harland Meltzer

MIRACLE ON 34th STREET Doris u/s- Ensemble Stoneham Theatre Ilyse Robbins

HAIRSPRAY Female Authority Figure New Bedford Festival Theatre Michael Susko

     (Moss Hart Award, Best Production, New England Theater Conference)

RED RIDING HOOD(nat. tour) BigBad Wolf (Act/Director) Missoula Children’s Theatre

THE JUNGLE BOOK(nat. tour) Baloo (Actor/Director) Missoula Children's Theatre

TOMMY                                     Acid Queen*/MWalker u/s   Courthouse Center for the Arts Russ Maitland

GUYS & DOLLS Hotbox Dancer American Music Stage

SHAKESPEARE DRM SCNS Beatrice                 Washington Shakespeare Company

DIVINE DRAMA SERIES Various Washington Shakespeare Company Gaurav Gopalan

THE VAG MONOLOGUES The Woman Who Lived to…GMU Center for the Arts

THIS RELATIONSHIP           Hannah                   Artistic New Directions/Shetler Studios Kristine Niven

NEW KID Mother/Mench u/s* Imagination Stage

LILLY’S PURP PLST PURSE Mother Adventure Theatre

THE FAITHKILLER (W.P.) Tess/Leader Theater of the First Amendment Jeremy Skidmore

ULYSSES (WP reading) Medon/S. Woman Theater of the First Amendment Ken Elston

LITTLE WOMEN Louisa May Alcott/A. March 2nd Story Theatre Bob Colonna

THE VOYSEY INHERITANCE Ethel                                    2nd Story Theatre Ed Shea

HENRY VIII                                Norfolk                                   The Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater Bob Colonna

SEASONS OF LIFE                    Demeter Discovery Theatre/Smithsonian Inst. Roberta Gasbarre


THE FINEST HOURS HiHat Patron Disney

TASTE OF YOU Lead RISD Senior Thesis Mathew McNamara

INTERCHANGES Principal                 Cambridge Univ. Press/Nesson Media    Federico Muchnik


HEROINE Project Principal American University Graduate School

THE ENVELOPE Principal Damascus Pictures/ 48 Hour Film Festival

PRIVATE COACHING with Thom Jones (Voice, Speech, Dialect, Acting)

British American Drama Academy, Oxford, England

Peter Francis James, John Tucker, Paul Wagar, Mick Barnfather, David Freeman

B.A. I.S.  Musical Theater, George Mason University, Magna Cum Laude   Advisor, Rick Davis

Master Improv & Summer Improv Retreats, Artistic New Directions, New York

OVERTURES: Musical Theater Workshop, Kennedy Center/ Signature Theatre,

Weissburg Fellowship Recipient

Eric Schaeffer, Karma Camp, Jane Pesci-Townsend, Jay Crowder, Carolee Carmello, Richard Maltby,

Marsha Norman

Puppetry Jon Little, Roxanna Myhrum

Improv/Character Work Gary Austin, Michael Gellman, David Razowsky, Wenndy Mackenzie,

Acting Lynnie Raybuck, Kauilani Lee, Mary Lechter, Fred Sullivan, Jr

Shakespeare Edward Gero, David Muse, The Shakespeare Theatre, DC

Singing Kathryne Jennings, Cate Frazier-Neely, Bob Marks, Kathryn Hearden,

Dance (various studios) Jazz (4 years), Tap (3 years), Ballet (3 years)

Instruments: Advanced Trombonist and Cellist, Some Piano,  Violin & Trumpet, can pick up instruments easily

Dialects: RP, British-London, Cockney, Upper Mid-West, New York, Rhode Island, Southern (with & without r-coloring),

can pick up accents easily

Other: Puppetry, Excellent Sight-Singer, TelePrompTer, Works well with children and elderly, Teaching artist, Standardized Patient, Zumba Instructor, Licensed driver (standard and automatic), bike-riding, swimming, running, aerobics, pilates, yoga
Yüklə 17,71 Kb.

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