Dear (Sir or madam)

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Dear (Sir or madam)
I am writing in order to complain about ( Muammo ). I have wanted to write to you about this for a long time. However for some reasons I could not write, Thus today I am writing to you about these.
To be honest I extremely disappointed with ( Muammo). The first problem I would like to draw your attention to is ( Asosiy muammo ). Nowadays, there is not only this problem but also ( qo’shimcha muammo ). These problems have not yet been resolved. I am not pleased with that. Other problems can occur as result of this problem. The main reason of this problem is…..
I suggest that you replace the ( almashtirish) with ( boshqa ). As a result, the problem can be climinated. I think that is a good suggestion. If possible, this is to resolve the problem help me. I would appreciate your help.
I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem .
Yours sinerely ( ).
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