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Domain – Community Reference Group


Wednesday, 27 November 2017

Meeting No



James Tonkin


7.30am – 9.00am


Garden Room, Seasons Botanic Gardens


Will McNamara



  • James Tonkin, MMRA [Acting Chair]

  • Fraser Read-Smith, G12+

  • Lou Raunik, G12+

  • Andrea Coote, The Domain

  • Colin Stuckey, Melbourne Grammar School

  • Kathleen Picone, GusTax Consulting

  • Christian Lawless, Melbourne Girls Grammar School

  • Jane Pickworth, Albert Road Clinic

  • Rebecca Doherty, City of Port Phillip

  • Neil Hutchinson, City of Melbourne

  • Gary Brennan, Bicycle Network Victoria

  • Karen Baynes, Domain Hill

  • Karen McLeod Adair, The Hallmark

  • Gary Buck, The Botanica Apartments

  • Michael Butcher, Melbourne South Yarra Residents Group

  • Christopher Cole, Royal Botanic Gardens

  • Bec Rowe, John Holland

  • Sarah MacNish, John Holland

  • Jodie Barrington, Cross Yarra Partnership

  • Alex Keppel, John Holland

  • Hannah Martin, MMRA

  • Simon Adams, MMRA


  • Damian Dewar, City of Port Phillip

  • Daniel Mulqueen, Shrine of Remembrance

  • Toni Meath, Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School

  • Kalyan Shrestha, VicRoads

  • Jamie McBride, Domain Road Traders

In attendance

  • John Goding, Cross Yarra Partnership

  • Mark Wells, Cross Yarra Partnership

  • Stefan Hanke, Cross Yarra Partnership

  • Luis Narvaez, MMRA

  • Megan Crockford, Beon Energy

  • Will McNamara, MMRA [Secretariat]


Welcome & Introductions

Welcome from James Tonkin (MMRA) and introductions from attendees.

Matters arising: Nil


Presentation from John Holland

Presentation by Bec Rowe (John Holland) providing an update on Early Works.

Matters arising:

  • Gary Buck raised if any of the works will be night works. Some service works will need to be completed at night during low demand and some road and traffic works may need to be completed at night. At this stage night work requirements are minimal and are targeted for completion on weekends.


Presentation from Beon Energy Solutions

Presentation by Megan Crockford (Beon Energy Solutions) providing an update on construction power works.

Matters arising: Nil


Presentation from Cross Yarra Partnership

Action [4-1]

Action [4-2]

Presentation by Mark Wells (CYP) on development plans and tree management.

Matters arising:

  • The CRG discussed the location and treatment of vent structures on top the chiller plant. The plant itself will be below grade. Noise and smell from vents is not expected.

  • Fraser Read-Smith raised the reduction of impacted trees on St Kilda Road. This is a result of traffic management and shortening of the station box design.

  • Michael Butcher raised the number of trees being impacted at Edmund Herring Oval. 20 trees will be impacted. These are primarily juvenile trees and CYP is working with City of Melbourne to relocate them.

  • The CRG discussed palm tree relocation which will be undertaken where possible.

  • Michael Butcher raised tree storage. Tree storage is not a viable option here and is not planned. Tree location is a complex issue for a number of reasons including, root systems being compromised by services and transportable distance.

  • Trees in Fawkner Park are not required.

  • Fraser Read-Smith raised wildlife, tree size and impacts. Habitat inspection of the tree as a part of the Urban Ecology Plan prior to tree removal. Trees to be replaced will be approximately 200 litres. Smaller trees are healthier long term, larger trees have a better visual outcome. Requires a balance. Along St Kilda Road impacted trees will be replaced by the same tree type. At other locations impacted trees will be replaced with a mix of elms and natives. CYP is discussing the appropriate mix of trees with City of Melbourne.

  • Karen Baynes Development and Early Works Plans. The documents are now on public display. Detailed designs are included. Information sessions are being run during this period.

  • The CRG discussed the timing for upcoming construction. Target date for Early Works approval is January 2018. Some road works are planned for early next year including traffic and tram lane reconfiguration. Significant tree removal in the new year but not all impacted trees will be removed at the same time.

  • Michael Butcher raised noise and dust at Edmund Herring Oval. Noise and dust is currently being modelled for Edmund Herring Oval. No enclosure is planned.

  • Plant equipment will be covered as required, slurry will be piped.

  • Jane Pickworth raised Albert Road Reserve. CYP is continuing to work on park, parking and access during the transitioning from Early Works.

  • Kathleen Picone raised traffic management. Traffic management detail is not included in the Development Plans. CYP is still developing traffic management plans, which have been provided to Councils and VicRoads. Following this further consultation will be undertaken with the community.

  • Karen Baynes raised bicycle storage. Standard bicycle hoops are planned at ground level.

  • The CRG discussed compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and parking arrangements at Albert Park Road. There will be a reduction in car parks. These are detailed in the plans. Approximately 120.

  • Karen Baynes raised the Cockbill fountain. The fountain will be returned to a similar location.

  • Kathleen Picone raised emergency vehicle access to 35, 37 and 39 Albert Park Road. CYP will release renders for station design which will help to visualise the information in the Development Plans.


Provide a construction timeline for Early Works (CYP) in 2018

Representative from the Traffic and Transport Working Group to present to the CRG.


Next Steps

Action [4-3]

Key issues for future discussion by the CRG include:

  • EPRs

  • Timeline for construction in 2018

  • Traffic management plans and approvals

  • Risk management, site safety, pedestrian and emergency access

  • Finalised truck routes

  • Business impacts

  • Property condition reports

CYP to come provide a program for property condition surveys early next year.


Meeting Close

Closing remarks by James Tonkin (MMRA)

Matters arising:

  • Next meeting is planned for 24 January 2018






Provide a construction timeline for Early Works (CYP) in 2018.



Representative from the Traffic and Transport Working Group to present to the CRG.



Provide a program for property condition surveys early next year.


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