Children & youth ministry

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Instructions: Use "atomic fireballs" (those red hot dime-store candies) for this game but call them caliente vola. The game is just like Chubby Bunny but instead of stating “chubby bunny” you must say “My Name is ( your Name) and I have a hot mouth.” You might want to have some water around and a trash can when they start spitting them out and try to cool their mouth off. You just want everyone to do this.


  1. You must say “My Name is (your Name) and I have a hot mouth”

  2. Next the first person puts the caliente vola in let him/her say the phrase

  3. Then the next person does the same thing until the end of the group is done.

  4. After that repeat it with the first person again until the last person is standing.


Instructions: The object of the game is to get dressed in the clothing while keeping a blown up balloon in the air at all times. Make sure that you have similar items of clothing - for example, a shirt, hat, socks, gloves, sunglasses and a coat. The winner is the first team to get all players completely dressed without letting the balloon touch the ground. You will need to teams.

  1. If the player lets the balloon touch the floor he/she has to start all over.

Mosquito Ball (Game #3)

Instructions: Simply play by the normal rules of volleyball but inflate the ball with helium. It won’t float away, but watch how high it goes everyone will feel like they are hitting the ball as hard as a mosquito flys. Make sure you make the court just a little bit bigger.


1. All the same rules like volleyball

Do you love your vecino? (Game #4)

Instructions: You will need one less chair than you have. Assemble all the chairs in a circle, all but 1 sit in a chair the one left stands in the middle and asks someone in a chair "do you love your vecino?" If the person who was asked says "YES", EVERYBODY gets up out of their chair and must move at least more than one chair than where they were. If the person who was asked says "NO", the one standing in the middles says "WHO DO YOU LOVE?" Then the person who was asked has to say the names of two other people in the circle who are not his neighbors. Then those two that were called, the two who are beside the person who was asked, and the one who was standing in the middle all have to get out of their chair and find another. Variations: the person asked says, "NO, I love all the people who are wearing tennis shoes." etc.....
The "last person standing" then is the one who asks someone else if they love their neighbor.

1. Don’t get to out of hand

Wet Back (Game #5)

Instructions: Team up boys and girls, have enough water balloons for all teams. girls ride boys back with rolled up newsprint in hand while holding water balloon on top of boys head. No protecting balloon with hand. Object is to break opposing teams balloons by whacking the balloon with newsprint. Last team with un-broken balloon wins. This is a great way to cool off on a hot day, and have a blast doing it.

1. If you guard your balloon with your hands your out.

Borro Futbol (Game #6)

Instructions: Divide into four groups and place each team along one of the four sides of a square playing area. Place a soccer ball in the center of the square. Each team chooses a donkey( player on the bottom) and one rider (player sitting on top of donkey’s shoulders). The donkey is blindfolded and the rider then directs the donkey to the ball and gives direction as to which foot he/she should use to kick the ball. The object is for the donkey to kick the ball past one of the opposing teams. No pints are awarded if the ball is kicked past one’s own teammates. All four donkeys are trying at the same time. Team members on the sides of the square may block the ball with their body, legs, and feet only (no hands). Points can only be made when the ball is kicked by a donkey.

Ben Smith

Guess Qien? (Icebreaker #1)

Instructions: For an easy get-acquainted activity, ask your kids to write down something about themselves that probably no one else knows. If they have trouble coming up with a unique contribution, suggest an unusual pet they might have or a weird snack or sandwich they like. If you get really desperate, ask for their mother's middle name. Collect all the responses. As you read the clues aloud, have kids try to guess the identity of the cluegiver. Award 1000 points for each correct guess (have kids keep their own scores). For a prize, give away a copy of the church directory or an address book.

Jim Bourne
Bean Blitz (Icebreaker #2)

Each kid is given an envelope containing 20 beans. The kids then circulate around the room offering to someone else (one at a time) the opportunity to guess the beans in his closed hand. He approaches the person and says, "Odd or even." If the person guesses correctly, he gets the beans. If he guesses wrong, he must give up the same number of beans. A time limit is set, and whoever has the most beans at the end wins a prize. When a student's beans are all gone, she's out. Seven Beans will be needed. Everyone is given seven beans. The kids walk around the room asking each other questions. Every time they get the person they speak with to say either yes or no, they win a bean from that person. The game continues for 10 to 15 minutes. The person with the most beans wins a prize.

Jerry Summers
Oh, No! (Icebreaker #3)

Give everyone a few beans. Everyone should begin with the same number of beans. Then allow the group to mingle and talk to each other. Whenever someone says either "no" or "know," that person must give one of his tokens to the person with whom he is talking. It's difficult to avoid saying those two words in normal conversation, so this game produces lots of laughs. Give a prize to the one who collects the most tokens.

Charles V. Boucher
Sticker Mixer (Icebreaker #4)

Here's a good get-acquainted activity for larger groups. Write everyone's name on a sticker (round ones work best) and distribute them at random. Have the teens stick the label on their face somewhere. Then everyone tries to find their own names on someone else's face. When a teen finds her own name, she gets the sticker and sticks it on her shirt or coat and stays with the person on whom she found her name until that teen finds his own name. This is a good way for kids to see a lot of faces in a short time.

Don Rubendall
Persona Bingo (Icebreaker #5)
Give each player a bingo card of. Players randomly fill the squares with the names of other players in the game. If there are leftover blanks, players can fill them in with an X. Fill a hat with the names of all the players written on small slips of paper. Randomly pull names from the hat and have kids mark an X through that name on their cards. The first person who has a row of Xs horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins.

Tonight has been a fun night of getting to know some new and old faces and just having a blast with all of you but I want to come to the conclusion of Latino U because it really is “like to know you” because that is what I and everyone else on staff want to do and that is getting to know you on a personal basis and not just that God wants to get to know you and wants for you to get to know Him. All of us in here are created in the image of God and that sometimes is hard to believe but tonight I just want to let you know that God wants you to say that you want to like to know him.

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Youth Specialties Inc. Ideas Library. Zondervan Publishing, Grand Rapids MI. 2000

Kenita Evarts

The theme will be based off of John 15:19- As it is, you do not belong to this world, but I have chosen you out of this world. So, the theme for the night is “Out of this world”, anything to do with outer space, aliens, etc.

The Youth Staff should wear some kind of alien get up, and also a good idea is to get green balloons and use black markers to make alien faces on them.

(Our youth group did this along with a couple others and we did it outside in the parking lot of a Home Depot; it worked out really well, because people saw us and other kids just started to show up, we had plenty of room, and clean up was a lot easier outside).

Ice Breakers:
Alias: As students show up hand each one a name tag, on the name tag they should come up with a name (some kind of weird alien name) and a planet which they will use for the night as their name and where they’re from- a little while later give them about 5 minutes to go to as many people as possible and find out their real name and where they are really from; after 5 minutes see who can get the most names and locations right.
Name Calling: Split the group into at least two teams (depending on the number of people) give each team some paper and markers, using only the first letter in each of their names they must come up with a name for their group for the night (if you don’t have a whole lot of people you can use the first and last letter in their names).
What Do You Know: While the teams are split give each team a questionnaire that they must race the other team to answer, all the questions have to do with Aliens, UFO’s, etc. Some examples would be- What is the name of the space ship on Startrek? Name 2 Star Wars characters. What does UFO stand for? And so on.
Word Hunt: Give each team a Bible (NIV with a concordance), each team must find 3 verses in the Bible that have the word alien in it, the team who finds them first and reads them aloud wins.
Air Space: Give each person a piece of paper, have them write a little known fact about themselves on the paper and then make it into a space shuttle (paper airplane), have each team face each other and all at once throw their shuttle towards the other players, on each side put the shuttles in the middle, when the leader says go each person must pick out a shuttle read what’s on it and run to the other team and try to find who it belongs to; it ends when everyone has found their shuttle.
Space Walk: Give each of you teams a roll of toilet paper, in the teams form pairs. Have masking tape down for a start and a finish line, in the middle of the lines place pods (small watermelons), the goal is for the team to get each pair across the finish before the other team, but each pair will be wrapped completely in toilet paper which will be their protective suits as they leave the shuttle to get to the space station (finish line), if the toilet paper breaks they must go back to the beginning rewrap and start over.

(Great group Games, pg45).

Alien Pods: This is played with the same rules as capture the flag, each of the teams has 10 pods (small watermelons) which they must protect while trying to steal their opponents pods, if a pod falls and breaks it is out and doesn’t count. The team with the most pods at the end of 20 minutes wins (you can also play until one team gets all the pods).
Star Wars: First you will need lots of wadded up aluminum foil. Next split you group into your two teams tell each team to sit in their area and to try to cover as much space as possible. Tell them that they can hit the balls with only their hands and head. They must also sit down during the game and not get up. This is why they must cover as much ground as possible. Then start throwing the balls into each area. Play for 2 to 3 minutes long and the group with the least amount of balls in their area wins. (
Alien Chase: Have each person tie (string should be about 24 inches) 7 balloons (draw alien faces on the balloons) to their bodies and clothes; the object of the game is to pop everyone else’s balloons while not letting your balloons get popped, but you cannot use your hands, feet, or teeth to pop balloons, the last person left with unpopped balloons wins. (Great Group Games).
Alien Eggs: Line your teams up, at the beginning of each team, place a bucket full of Alien eggs (tapioca pudding with green food coloring), at the end of each line an empty bucket, when the leader says go the first person on each team cups their hands with as much eggs as possible and then passes it down the line (they can use nothing but their hands) to the last person and they place it into the bucket. The team with the most in their last bucket at the end of 5 minutes wins.
Moon Dust: Give each person a tube sock filled with flour, when the leader says go all at once everyone starts socking each other with the socks, the goal is to get everyone else as dirty with “moon dust” as possible while trying to keep yourself clean, at the end of 5 minutes the cleanest person wins. (Great Group Games).
Out of this World: John 15:19

Have a bunch of helium filled balloons (dull colored) and one colorful foil balloon, all bunched together.

What’s different in this set of balloons? (one balloon is different).

Read John 15:19- If you belonged to this world it would love you as it’s own. As it is, you do not belong to this world, but I have chosen you out of this world.

Well, in the same way this verse is telling us that while we are still living in this world we are different because God has called us out to be different, to be an example for Him here on earth.

What are some ways we can be an example of Jesus here on earth?

This week look for those who you know that may not feel as if they belong and pray for them, and find some time to spend with them this week.

Close in prayer.

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Wes Foster

Theme: “”My Many Faces”

This game night is about digging away at our pseudo identities. The faces
that we put on for some and the masks we wear for others. All of the games an
ice-breakers deal with some facet of our deception to ourselves and to others. The
message at the end of the night deals with how, “Man looks at the outward
appearance but God looks at the heart.” I Samuel 16:7

Sit Down If… #1


  1. Ask the entire group to stand.

  2. Instruct them to sit down when the statement characterizes them and remain seated.

  3. Encourage them to be as honest as possible.

  4. If you have trouble because most are not sitting down, give them general characteristics (sit down if you are under 15, if you have on white socks, if you are in love).

Sit Down Mixer Number 1
Sit down if:
You haven't used deodorant in a week ... two days.
You haven't won the same socks two days in a row.
You sing in the shower.
You drive a Volkswagon.
Your belly button is an outie.
You haven't taken a shower in a week.
You didn't use mouthwash today.
You are a girl and you didn't shave your legs today.
You are a guy and you didn't shave your legs today.
Sit Down Mixer Number 2
Sit down if:
Your nose is crooked
You believe each person should pay expenses on the first date.
You still suck your thumb.
Your socks don't match.
You are ticklish.
You wear baby doll pajamas.
You weigh less than 100 pounds.
You nose is running and you don't have a handkerchief.
You're going steady but you wish you weren't.
You are good-looking but not conceited.
Sit Down Mixer Number 3
Sit down if:
You have ever eaten snails.
You are cross-eyed.
Your mother still dresses you.
You use Ban deodorant.
You have never lied to your mother.
You have a hole in your sock.
Your zipper is open.
You got a traffic ticket lately.
You are on a diet.
You have never stolen a street marker.
You have a false tooth.
You are really good looking.

How it Relates: This Ice-breaker covers a wide range of topics considered sacred to Jr. Highers, this game is the first thing that will bring up issues of vanity and self conceit.


Stupid Human Tricks: #2

Announce these ahead of time. Include all the weird things kids can do (roll tongue three times, dislocate body parts, burp the National Anthem). Screen the volunteers before they go on stage and help them be great at what they do.

How it Relates: This ice-breaker starts to peak behind the mask a bit – or does it? You will see two types of contestants those who let their inhibitions out, not afraid of what their peers think (yeah right – they’re Jr. Highers!) and the person who is putting on a show to gain popularity and or acceptance.


Deep Secret: #3

Break up into small groups of 8-10. If you only have 8-10 then just make one group. Have the students write something about themselves that no one knows, like a special hobby, talent, or a time they were thrown in jail. Tell them to make it something really juicy, have them write their secret on a small piece of paper and to fold it in half.

Then put all of the pieces in a hat and start passing it around the group. A group member draws a piece out of the hat reads what is written on it and tries to guess who it is. If they are correct then the item is left out of the hat if they are not correct then the item goes back into the hat and the identity of the person stays a mystery. If the person draws his/her own item then simply have them re-draw. Continue until everyone’s secret is made known. When the person is found out they may want to tell the rest of the story to clear up any misconceptions if they wish.

How it Relates: This Ice-Breaker is the first time the student will have a chance to reflect on past masks or “faces” they have put. Whether they choose to let others look behind that mask remains to be seen; most likely they will tell one of their tall tales just to show the depth they have gone through in the past to cover up for their insecurities.

Big Fat Liar! #4

Have the students break up into their small groups. Have the students tell their group the biggest lie they have ever told. When each member has finished have the group nominate which was their best lie told to be shared with all the students.

How it Relates: This one is closely linked to the one before it – and it goes to the next level and asks the student to actually reveal an area in which they have lied. Again this serves to peel back the mask just a little bit further.

Kissing Contest #5

Materials: Arrange in advance to have a few of the boys’ mothers secretly attend the meeting that night. Provide good, dark blindfolds for your contestants.

The Challenge: Choose three of the prettiest girls in your group and let them know in advance how the game works. Now choose the boys whose mothers are hiding off stage to be your next contestants. Inform them that you are going to have a kissing contest where they will guess which of these three girls kissed them on the lips.

Blindfold the boys and have them stand with their hands behind their backs, their lips puckered. At the signal, bring the boys’ mothers out to kiss them on the lips. Have some of the mothers really plant one on them. After the kiss, watch the guys try to figure out who kissed them. Have them all remove their blindfolds and award points for being good sports. This game is strictly for the laughs – and there were plenty (McCollem and Betts 62).

How it Relates: Have you ever lied to get what you wanted? Did you ever mislead anyone in having them believe you were one thing when you were not? This can relate directly to relationships were we cover for our faults with falsehoods, many times intentionally deceiving the other person to believe that we are something that we are not.

Toilet Bowl Roller Coaster: #1

Get four volunteers or pick four people and have a sponsor take them back to a secluded room. Have that sponsor tell them that they will go up in front of the crowd, one at a time. Each one will sit in a chair. The object is for them to act out a given scenario WITHOUT leaving the chair:

1. Pretend they are on a major roller coaster

2. Pretend they are riding a bull
3. Pretend they are being tortured
4. Pretend they are getting their shoulders rubbed and they like it a lot

Whoever does the best job - wins.

Meanwhile - the leader is in the other room telling the audience that the four people coming out are going to act out what they do when they are on the toilet. It's a hoot! People are crying everywhere from laughing so hard!! Let them go for about a minute or so and then tell them what they were really doing!

How it Relates: I had to think a minute about this one…Many times when we wear a mask we perceive we are giving off one message with the what the people know to be true are two different things.


The Duct Tape Challenge: #2

Divide into even teams and have each team select a volunteer- preferably a small, light one. Give each team a roll of duct tape. The object is to tape a team member up on to the wall, using no more than the provided role of tape. The one who stays up the longest is the winner. (At one event, a middle school kid was on the wall for 30 minutes!)
Hint: Make sure you use the tape that doesn't leave sticky stuff on the wall or tear off paint (especially in rented or borrowed facilities!) Provide a soft landing for youth as they drop off the wall!

How it Relates: Win at all costs! Even if it means pinning someone against a wall. We do this when we care not about the other person but only our agenda and our self-righteousness. Often we, with a group of our peers, will pin others to the wall with our words to make us look good and them look bad.



Blend '0' Rama is a great up front game that is very entertaining to watch.  Find four students who have strong stomachs!  You know the type- the students that claim they'll do anything.  Place four blenders on a table on stage or up front.  Have 20 different edible items placed in 4 different lunch bags.  Number the lunch bags 1-4.
Interview each student- ask them their school, their birthday and their favorite food.  Keep note of who is the oldest in the group.  Then tell the oldest that they get to go first, then the next oldest, and so on until the youngest.  Have them each pick the bag that they will blend.
You put what ever is in the bag into the blender, you do this until all the bags have been picked. Make sure that one of the items is a liquid so that it will blend well.  Once everything is blended, pour into a cup and have them all drink it down. Who ever finishes their cup first wins.
Great blending materials:
Baby food
Gold fish
chocolate syrup
a can of Soda
frozen veggies

How it Relates: Many times when we speak unwholesome things to keep up our pseudo face we don’t necessarily know what cake we will have to eat from. We like to have our face in place, so we will continually spin a tighter web of lies to keep the image going. Sooner or later the choices we have made will be shaken together a fed back to us.


Musical Clothes: #4

This is a good game to play after a church rummage sale. Collect a variety of used clothing and accessories. Put all the clothing in a laundry bag or a large plastic bag. Have the players stand in a circle. Play popular music. As the music plays, players are to pass the bag of clothing from one person to the next around the circle. When you stop the music, the person holding the bag must close his or her eyes, reach in the bag, remove one article of clothing, and put it on.

The player who first acquires eight articles of clothing wins the game. Be sure to take pictures of the players in their new Sunday clothes and to post the photos on the church bulletin board (Mudpie).

Another Twist to this game is when the group members have all of their articles on, play some popular music and give instructions for them to go around the room and mingle with as many people that they can.

When the music stops they are to exchange an article of clothing with that person. Do this so the students can meet 4-5 different students. Then all of the sudden announce the first one to go and retrieve their original articles of clothing from the people they met wins.

How it Relates: I like this game. As silly as we look in others peoples oversized or undersized clothes at times we can appear the same way, without realizing it, with our mask on. We may think we look great by adopting certain beliefs or attitudes from the guy next door what we don’t realize is that it is quite obvious we are out of our element and we quickly get lost in the crowd. The more people we meet the more we loose our identity to our true self.

From Mudpie Olympics, © 1994 by Abingdon Press. This material may be reproduced for educational purposes.

  • Additional Twist added by Wes Foster

The Impressionist #5

Have several teams divide up into group of 3-4, only 1 male is allowed in each group. Next ask for some of your female students who have make-up to volunteer to use theirs. Next, flash a large picture of Tammy Faye Baker or Jan Crouch onto the screen and tell the ladies to start painting the face of the male in their group to look like one of the ladies in the photograph. At the end the male will do his best impression of the lady of his choice, the winner is determined by the applause of the audience.

Additional Twist: Now hand each team a jar of cold cream and a roll of paper towels, the team to remove all of the make-up the quickest wins 100,000 points!!

How it Relates: This is an obvious one, a male is painted like a female – not his true identity (at least we hope not!) and it clearly stands out how foolish he looks. I plan to drive home this game during the message at the end of the night.

Egg Drop Soup: #6

Materials: Each team needs three eggs and a small plastic cup.

The Challenge: Choose two players from ech team, one to drop the eggs and one to receive them. Have the receivers lie down on their backs and put the bottoms of the cups in their mouths. The droppers stand directly over their partners’ heads, either at floor level or on folding chairs. At the signal, players crack open their eggs and try to drop the insides into the plastic cups. Give each team three tries. The team to drop the most eggs into the cup is the winner (McCollan and Betts 51).

How it Relates: Many times when we try to hide behind our masks we end up saying things that are untrue, we get caught in a lie, or simply saying something that makes us look foolish. It is in these circumstances that we end up with “egg on our face.”

The Night’s Message: “COLD CREAM”

Scripture Text: I Samuel 16:7 “But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

Earlier tonight we played a game were the guys were painted up with make-up to do impressions of women who like to cover the faces with so much paint you could detail out a car! Although the boys looked like Tammy Faye or Jan Crouch you knew that was not who they really were. They had the look, the facade, the hairy legs, even the pink ribbon in the hair, but Jan Crouch was far from them. That game seems foolish but it actually is more relevant to our lives than what you might think – many of us but on fake fronts acting and looking like someone we are not just to please a group of people.

The question to you is: What fronts are you putting up? How many different faces do you wear? What type of make-up do you like to use. Boys don’t laugh you may not use “girly” make-up…well, at least not some of you. But that is a different message of a different night. You may not use blush and mascara, no there is a different form of make-up many of you use to put up your front – it’s called lying. You tell so many lies you don’t know which way is up, you are constantly afraid that somebody is going to see through your mask of insecurity and fear. You tell stories to make yourself look bigger, better, and badder than you really are. Some of you have become dependent on your pseudo self that you are actually starting to believe your own lies.

Movie Clip: The Mask with Jim Carrey Play the 5 minute clip toward the end of the movie when [Carrey] makes the decision to get rid of The Mask at the expense of loosing the girl. [Carrey] decides to be himself and vulnerable with all of his quirks than putting up a false front. Conclusion: I am here to bring you a quick message tonight – God sees through your mask. He knows who you really are; He sees you in your dark places and He longs to bring you comfort, light, and joy. At the end of our game earlier the teams were handed a jar of cold cream and instructed to remove all of the make-up as quickly as possible. Cold cream cuts through the make-up, it removes the painted exterior, it shows our true colors – who we really are. I Samuel 16:7 “The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." Tonight is the night you can lay down your mask and say Father I know you love me just as I am, I don’t want to put up a front for you. Help me to be the real and genuine person you made me to be. If that is you then come down to this altar, the prayer team is here to pray with you. Closing Prayer: “Masks” GOD, the most frightening part of being one of your children is that it’s so easy to fake. There are days when we don’t want to be happy-go-lucky Christians. There are days when we hurt inside. There are days when our faith is weak. We hide our faces behind masks that show the world we are yours – but behind the false veil we are weeping. Give us the courage to remove our masks, God. Give us the guts to show the world we can hurt, too. We believe in your son, Jesus. But our masks won’t lead other s to him. We can only point the way to Jesus as one beggar shows another where the food is. Unveil us God. Amen (Case 80).


Case, Steve L. “The Book of Uncommon Prayer: Contemplative and Celebratory Prayers and Worship Services for Youth Ministry” Youth Specialties: Zondervan Publishing House, 2002.

McCollan, Don and Betts, Keith. “More Jr. High Game Nights: More Wild and Crazy Outreach Events for Jr. High Ministry.” Youth Specialties: Zondervan Publishing House, 1992.

Mudpie Olympics, © 1994 by Abingdon Press.

Damita Freeman

Theme: Teamwork and Communication/Do you trust me?

We will divide the students into groups by birthdays.  How we figure this out coincides with the first icebreaker that we will play.

Icebreaker #1
Silent Birthdays
The whole point in this game is to get your students to work together without using words and it is also a good way to figure out who the leaders in your group are.

What you do is you have everyone line up by birthdays in order of the oldest in the room to the youngest.  The twist is that the students cannot talk while they are trying to do this.  They cannot write or show identification either.  It helps them to learn how to work together in spite of themselves (class guest speaker).

You can use this to divide into groups if you need them for the rest of the night by dividing into month or year. This also works into the whole teamwork theme in that if you can’t talk or write you really have to work together to come up with an end result.

Icebreaker #2
Human Knot
(An oldie but goodie)
Have a group of about ten to fifteen people stand very close together.  Tell them each to reach out their arms so all hands are jumbled and intertwined.  Tell them to grab one hand for each of their hands but not one of the persons next to them. Now they are a human knot and they must use teamwork to untangle themselves into one circle without letting go of the person's hands ( This game also goes along with the whole teamwork thing.

Icebreaker #3
20 Questions with a Twist

This game is a really good one.  It can be played on other nights as well as this game night. If the first game would fall through this would be how I would get my groups.  You start out by asking ten totally random questions and you have your students write them out on a piece of paper.

1.What is your name?

2.What do you want to do after high school?
3.What is your favorite type of movie?
4.Which is your favorite PowerPuff Girl?
5.What is your hobby?
6.What is your favorite color?
7.Have you lived in this town all of your life?
8.Write the word stop.
9.What is the color of love?
10.How long have you been a Christian?
After you have read these questions and they have written their answers have them find someone that they had at least three of these answers in common with.  They can get into groups of two or three people.  Then you ask them this next set of ten questions that are a little bit deeper and in more detail than the first ten.  You should make sure that girls are with girls and boys with boys.  If this ends up being the game that you would use to divide you can combine a group of girls and a group of guys.

1.What are the hardest emotions for you to express and why?

2. What is something that few people know about you?
3.What do you value in a friend?
4.What do you value in a dating relationship?
5. What is one goal that you would like to accomplish in the next year?
6.Name a motto that you live by.
7.What is the greatest challenge that you face?
8.What do you like most about yourself?
9. What do you like the least about yourself?
10. If you could be any type of hamburger what would you be and why?
The students should discuss the answers to these questions in their groups. This works into the whole trust theme in that the students will be getting to know a whole lot more about each other. They will have to trust the other people in their groups to be truthful to the answers to some of these questions.

Icebreaker #4
Trust Circle
Stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle with one person in the middle.  That person falls into the circle and they "toss" back and forth into the circle and the other team members are communicating and working together as to not drop the person and the person being tossed has got to have some sort of trust in his/her fellow team members in order to even consent to being the one involved.

Icebreaker #5

Paper Bag Skits

For this activity you will have to be in your groups. Give each team a paper bag filled with assorted objects. They can be anything (i.e. a wooden spoon, a bar of soap, a screw, a computer disk, ect). The object of the game is to present a skit using all the props provided. The props may be used as they would be in normal life or you can be inventive. Give each group a topic to base their skit on and then they can be performed for the enjoyment of all.

This works into my teamwork theme in that the students will have to work together to pull of their skits.

Game #1

Blind Sardines

For this game you will need a blindfold for everyone. To play, one person is appointed (or volunteers) to be the sardine. The sardine may not wear a blindfold. All the other players, however, will be wearing a blindfold and the whole objective of these players is to come into contact with the sardine. As the players mill around the floor, when one player touches or bumps into another, he or she grabs that player and asks “Are you the sardine?” The sardine must answer, “yes” if asked. Once a person finds the sardine he or she must hang on to the sardine for the rest of the game and becomes a sardine. Eventually more and more players are bumping into the chain of sardines and therefore becomes a sardine with the rest of the group (Yaconelli 73). This game works into the whole trust and teamwork theme in that you have to put your trust in the person that you bump into to know whether or not he or she really is the sardine.

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