Bureau of Reclamation Real Property Space Request Business Case

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Bureau of Reclamation

Real Property Space Request Business Case
[Insert Requesting Office Name & Project Title]
Fiscal Year 20xx
Date: [Insert Business Case date]
Prepared by: [Insert Author(s) Name(s)]
Approved by: [Insert Director Name]


Section I - Request information 3

I.A. Requestor Information 3

I.B. Space Details 3

Section II - Space description 5

II.A. Space Justification Details 5

II.B. Proposed Alternative 5

Section III - Space alternative analysis 6

III.A. Analysis 6

III.B. Cost Analysis 8

III.C. Associated Risks 9

Section I - Request information

I.A. Requestor Information

Region/Area/Field Office:

Originator of Request (Office, Title):

I.B. Space Details

Unit/Facility Name:


FRPP Unique ID (Owned or Direct Lease):

FRPP Building Use Type (Owned or Direct Lease):

OA# and Description (GSA Lease):

Funding Source for Proposed Change:

FY 2012 GSF (Owned):

FY 2012 RSF (Leased):

Proposed Change GSF:

Proposed Change RSF:

GSF Change from FY 2012 Baseline:

GSF Change from FY 2012 Baseline:

GSA SF-81 Determination:

Section II - Space description

II.A. Space Justification Details

Current Space Utilization (current space need/utilization rate; person count; 180sq.ft. per person requirement):

Justification of need for space change (justify need/utilization rate; person count; funding approval; Congressional Authroization (if applicable):

Description of Offset (Real Property Unique ID; OA#, gsf, rsf, annual O&M, disposal date, disposal $ budgeted):

II.B. Proposed Alternative

Proposed Alternative Selection Justification:

Section III - Space alternative analysis

III.A. Analysis

Analysis of Alternatives (Status Quo, Co-location, Direct Lease, GSA Lease, Direct Lease, Construction, Purchase, Other):

Results of all alternatives listed above must be included.

  • Alternative 0 – Status Quo

This alternative should describe the impacts if the request for space is not approved; impacts to mission, services, etc., to the public and/or Reclamation’s constituents.

  • Alternative 1 – Co-location

This alternative should describe opportunities within the local market to co-locate within Reclamation-owned space with other Department of the Interior (DOI) Bureaus/Agencies, or other Federal agencies outside of the DOI.

  • Alternative 2 – GSA-Provided Space

This alternative should describe opportunities to acquire GSA-provided space, including, GSA-owned facilities and/or commercially-leased facilities by GSA for Reclamation.

  • Alternative 3 – Construct new facility

  • Alternative 4 – Purchase of an existing building/facility

  • Alternative 5 – Direct Lease Space

Currently, Reclamation is transitioning away from this alternative due to shifting resources into owned and/or GSA-provided space. As Reclamation transitions from this alternative so will the need to maintain Lease Contracting Officer positions within the Bureau. However, until the transition is complete Reclamation will continue to consider this as a potential option in order to provide a total spectrum of alternatives. Therefore, the narrative for this alternative should describe the benefits and impacts to Reclamation if Direct Leasing Authority is granted by GSA for Reclamation to commercially lease space in the local market. Information for this alternative can only be obtained from a warranted Lease Contracting Officer or the local acquisition office.

  • Add additional alternatives as necessary.

III.B. Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis by Alternative (Life-cycle cost-benefit analysis)

(Attach as appendix if needed)

  • Alternative 0 – Status Quo

  • Alternative 1 – Co-location

  • Alternative 2 – GSA-Provided Space

  • Alternative 3 – Construct new facility

  • Alternative 4 – Purchase of an existing building/facility

  • Alternative 5 – Direct Lease Space

  • Add additional alternatives if necessary.

III.C. Associated Risks

Assessment of Risk by Alternative





Other Risks

Status Quo


GSA Lease



Direct Lease



U.S. Department of the Interior

Bureau of Reclamation

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