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JOB DESCRIPTION Mathematics Teacher (Jan–August 2014)

Line Manager: Jacqui Deval-Reed - (Headmistress)
Location: Preparatory School


The education and welfare of a designated class of pupils in accordance with the requirements of conditions of employment of the School Teachers, having regard to the requirements of the National Curriculum; the School’s aims, objectives and schemes of work and any policies of the Governing Body. Also, to share in the corporate responsibility for the discipline and welfare of all pupils.


  • To be Form Teacher.

  • To be efficient and effective in carrying out administrative duties which are necessary within the school.

  • To actively participate in maintaining and raising the standards of the pupils with regard to: teaching methods, schemes of work, methods of assessment and discipline.

  • To keep full and up-to-date records

  • To write detailed subject and pastoral reports at the end of the Michaelmas and Summer terms.

  • To maintain displays of pupils’ work and subject resources in the classroom.

  • To support the activities and Games programmes.

  • To attend parents’ consultations of pupils in the classes and to discuss the their progress.

  • To participate in INSET provided by the School during the period of employment and to seek other CPD opportunities.

  • To take a full and fair part in the staff duty programme.

  • To attend, and take part in, school and year group assemblies, staff meetings and departmental meetings.

  • To be involved in Open Mornings, entrance testing and Induction mornings.

  • To take part in organising and supervising educational visits.

  • To make an active contribution to whole school events.

Mathematics Teacher

  • To support the Head of Department and relevant Key Stage Coordinator
  • To assist the Head of Department and Key Stage Coordinator with curriculum planning, assessment and record keeping

  • To follow the Maths curriculum and syllabus and to assist in ongoing curriculum development.

  • Arrange meetings with parents whenever relevant

  • To keep abreast of current developments in the teaching of Maths and attend any appropriate available INSET.

  • To assist when necessary the following departmental records:

  1. The department policy document

  2. The department development plan

  3. The department financial requirements and records of how budget is spent

  4. The coverage of schemes of work

  • Details of test results and attainment grades.

Games Teacher

  • To support the Head of Department

  • To take responsibility for a given team, attending relevant fixtures.

Form Tutor

  • To provide pastoral support and advice for pupils in the tutor group.

  • To monitor pupils’ attendance

  • To monitor standards of appearance

  • To monitor standards of behaviour; encouraging pupils to follow the School’s ‘Code of Conduct’

  • To check prep diaries regularly to ensure that these are kept up to date and signed by parents

  • To disseminate information ensuring that published communications from the School to home are effectively distributed and returns collected as necessary

  • To write pastoral reports on pupils in the form. To collate and check pupils’ academic reports.

  • To write up all incidents involving tutees on Isams.

  • To monitor the academic progress of all pupils in the form.

  • To communicate with parents over their child’s personal development through the School’s reporting and parents evening system or whenever deemed necessary

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