August 8, 2015 Sexual predators are more prevalent among rabbis, pastors and yogis than among Catholic priests But they are not as widely reported by the secular especially the international media

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AUGUST 8, 2015
Sexual predators are more prevalent among rabbis, pastors and yogis than among Catholic priests
But they are not as widely reported by the secular -- especially the international -- media.

As one reader wrote when he sent me the story on the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ abuses, “If it were the Catholic Church, it would be on the cover of the main newspapers in the World! 1000 cases in one country!!”

With a detailed collation of information on the Catholic perspective of the pedophilia issue.


Godman or fraud man? EXTRACT

Rampal has been charged with murder and forgery while his followers are facing cases of assault and criminal intimidation. The Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti (RSSS) is the name of the army made by Rampal, in which men are armed with pistols and rifles. The 4,000 RSSS members guard Satlok Ashram 24×7 and are monitoring the situation from the ‘war room’ inside the Ashram. The RSSS men also have walkie-talkies. The RSSS intelligence wing also monitors police movement in Hisar.

It’s not just that he formed an army of his own, but his men also attacked the local cops when they came to arrest Rampal following the High Court order.

Rampal is surrounded by women and children and his army has kept them hostage. He is using the innocent ones as a human shield and doesn’t allow them to leave the ashram.
Sant Rampal arrested: The story behind the ‘Godman’ and his followers EXTRACT:

November 20, 2014

Self-proclaimed Godman Rampal was finally arrested by the Haryana police on November 19 after a two-day long operation in Hisar. Before the arrest, Rampal’s supporters and his ‘army’ had attacked cops when they were trying to enter into his Satlok Ashram to nab him. The police had to face massive defence from Rampal’s army. The question is: What gave Rampal a godman’s status that people stood up in support and even fought with the police?

Rampal, who has an engineering diploma, was thrown out of his position of junior engineer in the Haryana irrigation department because of his careless attitude towards work. Just before he was fired, he established the Satlok Ashram. He first came into the limelight when he made derogatory comments against Swami Dayanand Saraswati.

According to Rampal’s official website, his followers have always indulged in clashes with the Arya Samaj believers, with the first fight that happened in 2006. This violence became the major reason of Rampal’s rise to fame. Taking the benefit of this, he formed an army called the Rashtriya Samaj Sewa Samiti (RSSS).

After the 2006 violence, Rampal and some of his followers were arrested and sent to jail. His arrest helped him to gain more sympathy from his supporters.

Rampal met Kabir Panthi Saint Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj and became a disciple of Sant Kabir. He openly opposed the teaching of Arya Samaj founder Swami Dayanand Swaraswati and even asked not to believe in God. In this way the 2006 clash with Arya Samajis and his arrest made him a ‘Godman’ for his followers.

Logically, Rampal’s arrest and his stand against Arya Samaj made him popular. But it is more because of the state of mind of the people who believe in such kind of a man. According to reports, during search operations, the police found condoms, drugs, adult content, and even a secret camera in the ladies’ toilet at Rampal’s Satlok Ashram.

It clearly indicates what kind of business was going on at his ashram! The need of the hour is that the police must investigate the case in depth. Apart from it, we the people must be careful about this kind of blind following. In the name of God, people like Rampal are playing with our sentiments and misusing us.


Radhe Maa: All you wanted to know about the controversial self-proclaimed 'Godwoman'

August 6, 2015

The self-proclaimed Godwoman, popularly known as Radhe Maa, has courted a fresh controversy by posing in a red mini-skirt, which quite evidently, hasn't gone down well with a lot of her devotees.

Sukhvinder Kaur aka Radhe Maa is known for her lavish lifestyle and her high profile list of devotees that include TV actress Dolly Bindra, Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan.

She became a self-styled 'Godwoman' at the age of 23 and now delivers sermons at various places across India. Her followers believe that she is blessed with supernatural powers and can help them get through any trouble.

The 50-year-old, who has three children, has often been in news for all the wrong reasons. In July 2015, a woman from Mumbai issued a complaint against her for dowry harassment. She even stated that Radhe Maa physically abused her for various reasons.

Her shenanigans are quite often noticed on the social media and many pictures have surfaced where she’s been found kissing and hugging her followers. EXTRACT:

Around 2003-04, a Hindu organization in Phagwara objected to her portrayal as an incarnation of goddess Durga. Subsequently, she was forced to tender an apology.

In July 2015, Nikki Gupta of the Gupta family named Radhe Maa, her husband Nakul Gupta and five others in a dowry-related complaint. Nikki accused Radhe Maa of instigating her in-laws to demand more dowry, and of forcing her to work at the ashram, where she was physically assaulted. The Guptas dismissed the allegations as a result of a matrimonial dispute. On 6 August 2015, the Mumbai Police declared her absconding in this alleged dowry harassment case, and issued a lookout notice against her.

In August 2015, videos of Radhe Ma's devotees carrying her around during satsangs went viral online. Activist-lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt lodged a police complaint against her for obscenity, running a business disguised as religion, fraud and cheating. EXTRACT:

A Mumbai-based lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt also accused the so called spiritual lady for spreading obscenity in the name of religion. “Radhe Maa was found kissing, and hugging several of her followers. They were touching her private parts also,” she told ABP News. EXTRACT

By Vikram Johri

August 8, 2015

This week, images of Radhe Ma sauntering “obscenely” to Bollywood music and having the time of her life were beamed. A retinue of her bhakts were incensed with the realisation that Radhe Maa was after all only human and not this asexual doll that she comes across when devotees shower her with tons of flowers while she sits fresh-faced, her hand raised in blessing. That scene is weird with its sexual undertones but no one can say that since she is in her godwoman avatar then and all sexuality can be explained away as divine beatification. But the moment she puts on a mini-skirt and grooves lustily, she becomes a whore.

It says something about us that her pictures generated more media buzz than the very real crimes of an Asaram Bapu who too is a godman, only one charged with serial murders. 


10 Curious Scandals of Indian Swamis EXTRACT:

He’s our current favourite in India. This controversial godman hit the nerve of every rational Indian when making a remark on the 2012 Delhi gang rape saying that the girl raped was also to be blamed. He further added that the girl “should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop… This could have saved her dignity and life.” To exemplify his hideous theory he said “Can one hand clap? I don’t think so.”

We don’t think so either swami, especially since he has been arrested for paedophilic behaviour recently. This is what is generally called tit-for-tat.

This January, 7 more girls have poured out their tales of horror (which includes forced oral) to the police who have collected the statement of around 100 people, enough to build up a case against this self-styled godman.

India's 10 most controversial gurus EXTRACT:

November 20, 2014

Born in Sind in undivided India, today Asaram Bapu has over 425 ashrams and more than 50 gurukuls all over, and a tremendous following both in India and aboard.

Spirituality aside, he has also been courting controversy.


1. Last week Asaram Bapu was accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl at his Jodhpur ashram even as her mother was waiting outside. He was served a summons in the case by the Jodhpur police at his ashram in Indore. The police had earlier served a summons to his officials at his Ahmedabad ashram. The godman claimed he was innocent and regards the minor as his "daughter". 

2. Commenting on the December 16 Delhi gang rape incident, Asaram suggested that the victim was equally responsible for the crime. He said the girl could have called her assailants brothers and begged them to stop. His comments invited sharp criticism from across the political spectrum and from women's activists.

3. The ministry of corporate affairs said it had received complaints against him and his son in an alleged 700-acre land-grabbing case and the serious frauds investigation office is looking into the matter.

4. Asaram and his son were also investigated in the mysterious deaths of two boys whose decomposed bodies were found from the banks of Sabarmati River near his ashram in 2008.

10 Curious Scandals of Indian Swamis EXTRACT:

Asaram Bapu’s case has proven that the pull of blood relations is quite thick. Two sisters had lodged complaints against Sai and his father Asaram of rape, sexual assault and illegal confinement. Grilled in police interrogation and under the hawk-eyed presence of his estranged wife, Sai had revealed physical relationships with eight of his female disciples, and in an OMG moment confessed of even fathering a child with one of his sevikas (disciples).


10 Curious Scandals of Indian Swamis EXTRACT:

On the day of March 10, 2010 this godman was tainted and painted red by Sun TV (news channel). For even a godman needs a hot full body massage with occasional dips of kisses followed by other such acts (though the video here has deleted most of the racy stuff). Swami was rather lucky getting it done by a popular actresses. I can hear the sighs.

Nithyananda later said in an interview that he was in a state of ‘samadhi’ i.e. trance while being unrobed & massaged (anyone would be, right?). With the pressure mounting swami made a startling revelation that he was actually impotent. The man has some nerve, we got to give him that!

And this ain’t all, condom, drugs and more secrets told the story of why this ‘playboy’ was in real trouble. When Arathi Rao, a former devotee alleged rape, swami went into hiding digging and further extending the ditch he was in. Because when the police went to nab the man in his ashram they were goggle-eyed to find a heap of condom and ganja (drugs) inside the premise. And then came the answer to the cryptic question, it was Arathi Rao who had secretly recorded the swami’s exceptionally hot moments. 

India's 10 most controversial gurus EXTRACT:

November 20, 2014

Popular for his spiritual discourses and meditation programmes, Swami Nithyananda was named as one of the 100 most spiritually influential living people in the world by Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine.   

He claims to be the most-watched spiritual teacher on with more than 14 million views, and the author of more than 300 books published in 27 languages.


1. Nithyananda landed in a controversy after a purported video footage showing him in a compromising position with an actress was telecast by local TV channels. Nithyananda said the video was morphed and manipulated to misrepresent his personal life but did not deny his images with actress Ranjita in the film.

The video aired on Tamil TV channels caused a furore, with some Hindu groups and others protesting against Nithyananda. The Karnataka government too promised "very strict" action against him.

Lenin Karuppan, who had exposed the alleged sex scandal, was arrested after a complaint by the manager of Nithyananda's ashram that Lenin had demanded money to keep the video secret.

2: Swami Nithyananda was also accused of rape by Indian-born American citizen, Arthi Rao, in June 2012. Rao went on Indian television accusing Nithyananda of raping her for several years. Nithyananda again denied the allegations.

India's 10 most controversial gurus EXTRACT:

November 20, 2014

Baba Ramdev is best known for popularising yoga and has been very vocal about political issues in the country.

Who can forget the Delhi government’s crackdown on his agitation at the Ramlila maidan in June 2011, where the baba tried to hoodwink the police by wearing salwar kameez and dupatta after they cracked down on the fast against corruption?


1. Tehelka magazine had reported financial irregularities and tax evasion by Ramdev's trusts. Irregularities included sales tax evasion, forceful land grab from farmers and stealing of electricity by using agricultural connection for commercial use.

2. Senior leader of the Communist Party of India-Marxist Brinda Karat accused the Divya Pharmacy, owned by Ramdev's Divya Yog Mandir Trust, of using human and animal bones in their medicines. 

3. The yoga guru has claimed that regular practice pranayama popularised by him has successfully 'cured' cancer within six to nine months. Cancer of the breast, liver, prostate, uterus, pituitary gland, brain tumour and even leukaemia, can be cured by practising the breathing exercises, he claimed.

4. Ramdev has suggested that yoga was the way to prevent and cure AIDS. "We will prove through clinical tests that yoga can cure AIDS. We will offer the cure shortly, in the next couple of years," Ramdev had said.

"Sex education in schools need to be replaced by yoga education," Ramdev also told reporters. "The government should stop polluting the minds of innocent young children with sex education. Society's morality cannot improve with teaching sex education in schools. And AIDS cannot be prevented by talking free sex and by using condoms."

5. Ramdev has contended that homosexuality is a disease that is curable through yogic practices. "It can be treated like any other congenital defect. Such tendencies can be treated by yoga, pranayama and other meditation techniques," he said in a petition to the court.

India's 10 most controversial gurus EXTRACT:

November 20, 2014

An Arya Samaj scholar and social activist, Swami Agnivesh is a former member of legislative assembly from Haryana. In 2011, Agnivesh spent three days inside the Bigg Boss house as a guest, to "use this opportunity to promote and create awareness on social issues including corruption".

Agnivesh joined ‘Team Anna Hazare’ in the anti-corruption protests in August 2011. However, he broke away from the main group claiming that other protesters humiliated and conspired against him. 


1. Swami Agnivesh came under attack during the August 2011 anti-corruption protests over a controversial video posted on YouTube where he is purportedly telling a person alleged to be a Union minister that the government act tough with the fasting Gandhian (Anna Hazare). Agnivesh on his part claimed the video footage was "doctored and concocted" and part of a smear campaign against him. He denied talking to Union Minister Kapil Sibal who was involved in negotiations during the initial stages of the stand-off between Team Anna and the government.

2. Swami Agnivesh’s unexceptionable statement that he supported the entry of non-Hindus into the Jagannath Temple at Puri, however raised the hackles of Hindu priests. Priests of the temple condemned his remarks as ‘purely anti-Hindu in nature’ and burned his effigy.

3. Agnivesh, during a trip to Jammu, had allegedly said that he "does not understand why people go" for Amarnath yatra and such pilgrimages and had termed the "Shivlingam" that forms inside the Amarnath cave shrine a geographical phenomenon. The Supreme Court condemned Agnivesh for hurting the sentiments of Hindus. “You cannot take sentiments of the people for granted," the bench said, noting that a large number of people go on Amarnath yatra every year.

Swami Agnivesh is the darling of Indian theologians and takes classes for students at the Jnana Deepa-Vidyapeeth/Papal Seminary in Pune. He is often one of the distinguished guests at Catholic functions. See NEW COMMUNITY BIBLE 02-THE PAPAL SEMINARY, PUNE, INDIAN THEOLOGIANS, AND THE CATHOLIC ASHRAMS


10 Curious Scandals of Indian Swamis EXTRACT

This one was a mash up (yes, he is dead too) and had quiet an international reputation. Popularly known as Osho since 1989, he was a break from the mainstream conventional hoodoo swamis. They even have a cool international website of an Osho Meditation Resort [].

Coming to the point, this singular swami was actually known as the sex guru and was quiet a news maker owing to his provocative lectures in his ashrams. And you thought swamis are conservative huh?

Initially, in his Pune Ashram (which is flourishing like never before) some groups were allowed intimated relationship between the participants’. Osho argued, unlike other religious advocators that psychological repression leads to suppression of significant feeling that later raises their ugly heads in some other guise (like rape); he added that sexual repression results in societies becoming obsessed with sex. Osho’s ideas on sex, marriage, family and relationships contradicted traditional views, arousing anger and opposition around the world.

Though being a candid supporter of homosexuality at the beginning, he later retracted this views and said “homosexuals…. were perverted, created the disease AIDS.” And just when you thought you were beginning to like this sex-swami. Alas!
India's 10 most controversial gurus EXTRACT:

November 20, 2014

Considered one of the most controversial spiritual leaders to have emerged from India during the 20th century, Rajneesh or Osho was outspoken in his criticism of socialism, Mahatma Gandhi and institutionalised religion.

He advocated a more open attitude towards sexuality, which earned him the sobriquet of "sex guru". 

Rajneesh discouraged marriage and having children. He saw families as prone to dysfunction. His communes in Oregon and England accepted contraception, sterilisation, and abortion.

A former personal secretary, Ma Anand Sheela, of the controversial spiritual guru in a bare-all memoir said that “Osho Rajneesh disregarded all laws, ethics and legalities as he wanted to create a society of his own vision with its own laws and rules.” Rajneesh had once, out of the blue, demanded to get him 30 new Rolls-Royces within one month in spite of already possessing 96 brand new Rolls-Royces.

The 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack was the first bioterrorist attack in United States history. Around 751 individuals were poisoned through the deliberate contamination of salad bars at ten local restaurants in Oregon with salmonella.

The attack was orchestrated by followers of Rajneesh to rig the election so that their own candidates would win the 1984 Waco County elections.

In 1985 high-ranking followers of Rajneesh hatched a conspiracy to assassinate then United States Attorney for the District of Oregon Charles Turner.  However, the plot was never carried out and was only discovered later during investigations into the bioterror attack and other illegal acts by the Rajneeshpuram leadership.  

Popular Bollywood personalities who were part of the Rajneesh movement include Parveen Babi, who joined the movement in mid-1970s along with her boyfriend, producer Mahesh Bhatt.   

Film star Vinod Khanna became a sannyasin on December 31, 1975, and received the name Swami Vinod Bharti. He was Osho's gardener at Rajneeshpuram. 


1. Increased criticism of his activities at the Pune ashram in 1981 and threats of punitive action by authorities led Rajneesh to move to the United States. However, his Oregon commune collapsed in 1985 when Rajneesh revealed that the commune leadership had committed serious crimes. He was charged with immigration violations and deported.

2. At the Second World Hindu Conference in 1969 he came under criticism when he claimed "any religion which considers life meaningless and full of misery, and teaches the hatred of life, is not a true religion. Religion is an art that shows how to enjoy life."  

3. Not only was his therapies questioned, there were allegations of drug use among sannyasins.


Yoga Fans Sexual Flames and, Predictably, Plenty of Scandal EXTRACT

By William J. Broad, February 27, 2012

The wholesome image of yoga took a hit in the past few weeks as a rising star of the discipline came tumbling back to earth. After accusations of sexual impropriety with female students, John Friend, the founder of Anusara, one of the world’s fastest-growing styles, told followers that he was stepping down for an indefinite period of “self-reflection, therapy and personal retreat.”

Another case involved Swami Rama (1925-96), a tall man with a strikingly handsome face. In 1994, one of his victims filed a lawsuit charging that he had initiated abuse at his Pennsylvania ashram when she was 19. In 1997, shortly after his death, a jury awarded the woman nearly $2 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

So, too, former devotees at Kripalu, a Berkshires ashram, won more than $2.5 million after its longtime guru — a man who gave impassioned talks on the spiritual value of chastity — confessed to multiple affairs.

William J. Broad is the author of “The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards,” published this month by Simon & Schuster.

A version of this article appeared in print on February 28, 2012, on page D1 of the New York edition with the headline: Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here.

10 Curious Scandals of Indian Swamis EXTRACT

He died in November 2013 at the age of 91 not before being exposed by an American follower Karen Johnson in her book “Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus: How I was conned by a Dangerous Cult and Why I Will Not Keep Their Secrets.”

The book is concentrated on the swami’s bed room rituals. In an interview Karen said “Because he is considered to be an avatar of Krishna, his intimated touch and so on are supposed to be a gift of divine love, or prema dan. He gives private audiences to women he can manipulate and blesses them by intimated touch. He invites women to give him ‘charan seva’, a kind of massaging ritual which usually incorporates sexual touching.”

Karen had a very bad experience in past 15 years in his ashram. She told that she was a member of ‘Jagadguru Kripalu Council’ and had spent 15 years of her life in his JKP ashram situated in Austin city. Wonder what took her so long to come out?

Back in 2002 Kripalu was alleged to have raped and molested a 22-year-old Guyanese woman in a prayer-room, at a house in which he was staying in San Fernando, when she visited him in May of that year.

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