Analese McKnight Brand: AsparFlakes Target

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Analese McKnight

Brand: AsparFlakes

Target: The middle age (40-60), health conscious women who watch what they eat. They have families; they are college educated, with a close to six figure income.

Headline: AsparFlakes, the healthy and delicious way to boost your bones

Subhead: Be Healthy the All Organic Way

Copy A: AsparPower Mills created a product made from all-natural, organic

Ingredients called AsparFlakes. With ingredients such as dried organic

Tofu, ground whole wheat, ground whole oats and ground dried asparagus,

you can achieve over 1,000 milligrams of calcium in one bowl with skim


Copy B: AsparFlakes is a healthy alternative to other asparagus cereals since there is a

high amount of calcium contained in the healthy, organic ingredients

that make up what we love; AsparFlakes!

Tagline: Get Stronger Bones with AsparFlakes
Yüklə 13,5 Kb.

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