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Address: Vojvode Stepe, 27

City of Kraljevo

Republic of Serbia

Mob. + 381 65 8645857 (Serbia) ; +91 95385 58180 (India)


• Date of birth: January 13th, 1986

• Place of birth: Kraljevo

• Civil status: Single


30.05.2016. UEFA ''B'' Licence

The UEFA ''B'' Licence is a coaching licence from UEFA (the governing body of football in Europe)

22.05.2007. Higher School of Professional Studies in Coaching and Sport Management ”FOOTBALL ACADEMY” BELGRADE

Basic professional studies,


19.12.2001. Secondary Tech. School of Electric Transportation Engineering

“Nikola Tesla”

Football School Boca Juniors India (01.12.2017 – present )

Head coach U18 (Indian Hero I-league ) and youth school
Football Club Metalac, Kraljevo (14.03.2017 - 20.9.2017)

Main Coach, Licensed, younger selections

Football Club ''Knjaz'' , Kraljevo (04.02.2016 - 20.01.2017)
Football Club ''Innstrandens Idrettslag IL'' (05.09.2015-25.11.2015)

sports club from Bodø, Nordland (Norway), younger selections

Football Club Metalac, Kraljevo (25.06.2008. – 30.06.2015)
Main Coach, Licensed – Pioneers, Cadets, Youths, West Serbia Regional League,

Assistant Coach, Licensed – Seniors, West Serbia Regional League

Football coordinator, Football Club Metalac, Kraljevo (01.06.2013 – 30.06.2015)

younger selections of youth football school

Duties include:

- organization, management and supervision of younger selections (youth, cadet and pioneer) of youth football school

- examination of plans and programmes of professional work at the youth football school He assessed the results of the coaches engaged in the youth football school and informed the Board of Directors about the results of the youth football school and with the coaches of some selections he has been directly responsible for the results.

Football Association of the City of Kraljevo (10.07.2013 – 10.07.2015)

Main Football coach in coaching staff of the city of Kraljevo football team

( children of 14 to 16 years of age).

Football Club Metalac, Kraljevo (03.04.2012 – 29.08.2015)

General Secretary of football club Metalac, Kraljevo

Participation in organization of matches and tournaments, communication with football associations, administrative job duties, etc.

Football Association of Raska District and City of Kraljevo

(11.05.2012- 25.08.2015), Secretary of Football Coaches Organization

Secretary duties:

  • Administration-Record keeping

  • Implementation of the decisions made by the competent authorities

  • Coordination of all FCO bodies

  • Helping the President prepare Secretariat and Executive Committee meetings

  • Helping the President prepare Assembly and Body meetings

  • Attendance to Assembly, Executive Committee, Secretariat and other meetings

  • Public relation duties thus informing public about the FCO activities

  • Communication with the FCO members and other organizations

  • Other duties and tasks assigned by the competent bodies of FCO

  • participation in organizing seminars and lessons organized to make coaches profession more popular.

  • Secretary regularly submits report to the Executive Committee.

MARIN SZR (15.03.2008 - 04.07.2014.)
Owner/general manager of the craft and service workshop

This workshop provided services in construction and installation of water and sewage, heating and air-condition system networks. Also, this workshop provided services in installation of wall coverings and plasterboards.



Active member of Red Cross Kraljevo.Participation in many activities of Red Cross, especially in the activities to reduce the effects of water disaster (floods).
05.08.2014. ACADEMY OXFORD AGENT DOO, Jagodina

General Norweign Language course –

Executive Secretary, Personal Assistant
27.09.2013. The Republic of Serbia Ministry of Interior

Certificate on completion of training for civil protection personnel – Fire Protection Specialist

10.03.2008. The football association of Serbia, FA Coaching License

UEFA ''C'' License

01.06.2001. Elementary School ’’IV Kraljevacki Bataljon’’ in Kraljevo

Diploma for physical education.

LANGUAGE SKILLS English (intermediate level) , Norweign(basic level)

Russian (basic level), Serbian (mother tongue)

COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Office : Word, Excel, Power Point,

Outlook Express, Internet

HOBBIES-INTERESTS Collection of wise thoughts and quotes, speleology

hiking, cycling, books, music.

Very responsible and professional in performing tasks, extremely dedicated to work, punctual and efficient, adjustable to any working environment.Strong organizing skills,willing to learn and improve.

Yüklə 275,84 Kb.

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