Allergen control program

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Allergen control program


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I.1.4 Food allergens have been adequately controlled in the facility.

To establish an Allergen Control Program for Apex Food Source. Food allergies cause immune system responses that range from discomfort to life threatening reactions. Allergen cross contamination in a food product is a serious food safety hazard and could cause injury or death to the customer.


The following procedures and policies are in place to address the prevention of cross-contact with allergens. These procedures outlined below shall be adhered to by all company personnel to prevent possible food safety hazards. All production personnel are responsible for controlling the storage and movement of allergens through the plant.

Program Requirements:

  1. Receiving and Storage

    1. All incoming allergens are listed on a Master List of Allergenic Ingredients that is utilized in the facility.

    1. All incoming allergenic ingredients are marked with red stickers before going into the designated storage area.

    1. All allergens are stored in a separate area from non-allergens in the warehouse, freezer and raw ingredient cooler. They are physically separated by racks, plastic or a cardboard separator and labeled with the ingredient name and allergen number.

    1. An allergenic ingredient cannot be stored on top of a non-allergenic ingredient.

    1. Each allergen stored in dry ingredient warehouse and spice room has its own designated utensil for dispensing that is not used for other products.

  1. Production

    1. All allergens are identified on the recipes by number. All intermediate products (dressings, grains) must be labeled with the allergen name.

    1. Due to the nature of our business, we usually cannot plan production according to allergens. Therefore, equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between every recipe.

    1. However in the event that we are able to plan production according to allergens, allergens are run last.. One equipment can be dedicated to one product.

    1. All allergens listed in a recipe are listed on the ingredient label for that product. “All equipment cleaned and free of allergens” before starting.

  1. Cleaning

    1. All equipment(s) coming into contact with an allergen(s) or a product containing an allergen(s) must be washed and sanitized prior to changing over to another product.

    1. Rinse and clean allergen-containing containers LAST. Ensure that the dishwasher and 3 compartment sinks are thoroughly cleaned. There should be no allergen residues.

    1. Never reuse allergen-containing containers (e.g. milk crates, cheese buckets) even after cleaning.

  1. Employee Hygiene

    1. Hands must be washed and sanitized after coming in contact with an allergen and prior to handling another product not containing this allergen.

    1. Proper attire (i.e. vinyl apron; vinyl glove is optional) must be worn when handling specific allergen(s) as listed on the Master List of Allergenic Ingredients.

    1. The attire must be removed prior to handling another product not containing this allergen.

  1. Labelling

    1. All allergen(s) in a finished product must be declared on the product label.

    1. An appropriate system for recall of a product shall be in place in the event of allergen cross-contamination or mislabeling of finished products.

  1. Training

    1. Annual training (Internal Food Safety Program) shall include knowledge of Allergen Control Program and associated procedures and protocols on preventing cross-contamination of products by an allergen.

  1. Record Retention

    1. All records of the Allergen Control Program and activities including Recipes and Master List of Allergenic Ingredients and Master List of Allergenic Finished Products shall be held for a period of two years.

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