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The gas pipe must be suitably protected where it passes through fireplace openings. Any sleeving should be sealed to the pipe at its ends.

This appliance is fitted with an inlet restictor elbow.

The open end of the supply pipe should be sealed temporarily during the installation of the firebox to prevent the ingress of dirt and dust.

If an over hearth supply routing is necessary, then the supply pipe may be routed beneath the ash pan door.


The firebox may be fitted to the opening by using screw fixing or by the cable kit as described in the relevant  section. It may be easier to fit

the decorative brass fireframe at this stage rather than later if it is a clip-on type. See relevant section for fitting details. Leave the polythene

coating in place until fitting procedures are complete to eliminate any risk of scratching the decorative finish.

To fit the firebox, firstly check the fire goes fully back into the opening. If the fire will not fit straight in, tilt the unit  backwards and insert the

spigot first to lead in to the gather at the top of the fireplace. If this is still not possible, remove the spigot outlet screws using a screwdriver,

bend it down and partly insert the firebox. Now push the outlet deflector back up

to the original position under the lip of the fireplace opening and secure with the

screws. The fire is designed to operate correctly with the deflector screwed in its

original position and spillage problems may arise by not realigning correctly once


Secure the fire box by drilling and screwing down the frame or base of the fire-

box, or use the cable fixing method.


Drill the four holes for the rawl plugs, as shown in the diagram. If the fireplace con-

figuration does not allow the exact layout given, the eyebolts should be posi-

tioned as close to the correct layout as possible.

Before finally fitting cables, ensure the self adhesive sealing strips are in position

on the back of the appliance frame. The fireframe must be sealed evenly to the

fireplace opening all around the periphery.

Thread the tensioning cables through the holes in the top of the firebox, then the

eyelets, and finally through the lower holes in the back of the firebox, as shown in

the photographs.

Note: The burner tray MUST be removed as per relevant section to gain access to

the cable adjusters.

Push the appliance back into to fireplace, centralise, and pull the loose tensioning

cables through the holes into the firebox. You may need to temporarily adjust the

outlet deflector at this point as described in the Fitting the firebox section. Thread

the tensioner bolts onto the cables, with the nuts screwed down close to the ten-

sioner head. Slide the screwed nipple onto the cable, pull cable tight, and tighten


The tension of the cable may now be adjusted by using a suitable spanner

on the tensioner nuts to pull the appliance tightly against the fireplace

opening. Visually inspect the seal and reseat if necessary.

Note: DO NOT cut off excess cable. Surplus cable must not be cut off, as

it will be impossible to refit the fire after servicing. Coil up the surplus

cable, and locate at rear of firebox.

Note : If running a concealed gas supply, ensure grommets are secure

around incoming pipes.


Important  Note: Check the thermocouple nut connection into

the rear of the valve is secure.

Temporarily fit the burner tray and ensure a suitable gas route

can be achieved. Place the burner tray into the firebox making

sure that the rear lugs locate properly on to the ledge in the fire-

box. Fit the two securing screws through the tray legs to secure

the assembly.




A. 250mm

B. 350mm

C. 60mm









2009 CK Fires Ltd.


Please see the relevant section of the user instructions.

REPLACING THE BATTERIES (slide control versions only)

Appliance - Ensure appliance is off and cool. The battery is located in the top of the ignition unit, on the left hand side of the burner.  Insert

1 x ‘PP3’ (9 volt) battery.


Place the decorative firefront in front of the fire and slide the ashpan door into place. The firefront shown in these instructions may be dif-

ferent to the one supplied with the appliance.


Purge the gas supply thoroughly to remove air and dirt/debris

BEFORE connection. Now disconnect the inlet restrictor elbow from the inlet

pipe. Connect the previously installed gas supply to inlet restrictor elbow, and re-fit the restrictor elbow to the inlet pipe of the appliance.

If using an across hearth connection, ensure the decorative fireframe and firefront will clear the supply route.

If the data/control plate is not already fitted, attach with two screws, ensuring the control knob is free to be depressed fully.


Turn on and test the gas supply up to the fire for any leaks, in accordance with current edition of BS6891.

When the appliance is first used, protective oils coating the firebox may burn off. It is advisable to ventilate the room during this period for

at least one hour.


The pilot is visible through the left hand side of the matrix. Rotate the coals or pebbles for good viewing. Push in and turn the control knob

to the SPARK position, and hold there for a few seconds.

Continue turning anti-clockwise through the spark click to the PILOT light position, ensur-

ing the pilot has lit. If not, return the knob clockwise, and repeat.

When the pilot lights after the spark, keep the knob depressed for approximately ten sec-

onds. Now release the knob and the pilot should stay alight. If the pilot is extinguished dur-

ing use, wait three minutes before repeating the ignition procedure. To achieve the HIGH

setting, push the control knob in slightly and continue turning anti-clockwise to the high

position. The main burner should light after a few seconds. To decrease the setting to LOW,

turn the control knob clockwise to the low setting.

To turn to the PILOT position from the HIGH or LOW positions, press the control knob in,

and return to the pilot position and release. To turn the fire OFF, keep the knob pressed in,

return to the off position and release.

OPERATING THE FIRE (slide control versions)

The pilot is visible through the left hand side of the matrix. Rotate the coals or pebbles for good viewing. Push the

slide control knob fully downwards to the SPARK position, and hold there for a few seconds, until the pilot light stays


When the pilot light has established, release the slide control knob and it will return to the LOW flame setting.  If the

pilot is extinguished during use, wait three minutes before repeating the ignition procedure.

To achieve the HIGH setting, move the slide control knob upwards to the HIGH flame setting. The fire can also be

set to operate anywhere between HIGH and LOW by moving the control knob to an intermediate position.

To turn the fire OFF, move the slide control knob upwards upwards fully to the position marked ‘O’.


The gap between the spark electrode and the pilot should be 3.5 - 4.5mm to produce a good spark. There should

be no need to adjust this. If under any circumstances the electric spark fails, the pilot may be lit manually by proceeding with the ignition

sequence as previously described, and after turning the control knob through the spark position, the knob should be held in and the pilot lit

with a taper.


Remove the screw from the pressure test point. 

The test point  is situated on the main injector pipe  

Attach a U gauge. Light the fire on the HIGH setting. The setting pressure should be

in accordance with the figures stated on page 2 of these instructions. The fire is fac-

tory set to achieve these pressures, and any significant variation could indicate a sup-

ply problem.

If the pressure is too high, the gas supply meter may be set incorrectly. This should

be checked with the fire running and if necessary reset by the gas supplier. If the

pressure is too low, then check the meter governor pressure with the appliance running. If this is incorrect it will need to be reset by the gas













2009 CK Fires Ltd.

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