Adidas and long-standing partner Stella McCartney

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First ever adidas by Stella McCartney store opens in the United States

Miami, January, 2014: Today, adidas and long-standing partner Stella McCartney are excited to announce the opening of the first ever standalone adidas by Stella McCartney store in the United States. Located at 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami’s bustling pedestrian promenade, the new dedicated and custom-built store offering a selection of unique pieces from the new adidas by Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
Opening the first adidas by Stella McCartney store in the US is very exciting for me. After our nine year collaboration it's a milestone for the brand and a natural next step. Miami is the perfect place to showcase the collection focused on style and performance”, says Stella McCartney.
The opening of America’s first ever standalone adidas by Stella McCartney store represents the next phase of the remarkable journey between adidas and Stella McCartney. Offering the same fusion of performance and style that revolutionized sporting apparel nine years ago, the new Miami store will feature selected pieces from this season’s vibrant Swim, Run, Cycling, Studio, Yoga and adidas by Stella McCartney barricade ranges – from apparel to footwear and accessories.
Inspired by the breath-taking beauty of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the SS14 Swim range offers sensational separates and one-pieces in tropical yellow, lime, coral and turquoise tones for a feminine look infused with performance technology. Dynamic contrasts occur in this season’s futuristic Run and Cycling where strong geometric shapes in fierce colors are tempered by delicate silhouettes. Signature Stella shades – including Dusty Rose and Light Maroon – feature throughout the seventies-inspired New York Studio range, while the Yoga range incorporates a series of simple, relaxed looks with a focus on active wear providing ultimate manoeuvrability and comfort.
Reflecting adidas by Stella McCartney’s unique fusion of standout performance and style, Miami’s dynamic open spaces and vibrant, energetic lifestyle presents the perfect environment to embrace the open air and take the gym outside. The adidas by Stella McCartney store will be open Monday – Saturday from 11.00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m, and Sunday from 12.00 p.m. to 9 p.m. The store can be reached on +1 305- 532-5455.

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For further information please visit or contact:

Margaret Bourn - adidas America PR


Phone: 212-352-6129
Notes to Editors:

September 8, 2004, adidas and Stella McCartney announced a long-term partnership in New York, presenting the adidas by Stella McCartney sport performance collection. For the very first time, a high-end fashion designer created a functional sport performance range for women. The first collection became available in stores across the U.S., Japan and Europe in Spring/Summer 2005.

Offering products for Running, Cycling, Studio, Yoga, Tennis, Golf, Essentials, Swim, Surf, Winter sports and Weekender, adidas by Stella McCartney is a highly innovative sports performance range and remains a unique concept for women’s sports performance.


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