1. Call to Order The meeting is called to order at 6: 30 pm edt

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1.         Call to Order

2.         Approval of Agenda

3.         Approval of Minutes

4.         Guests

5.         Chairperson's Remarks

6.         Presidential Remarks

7.         Financial Secretary Update

8.         Coordinators’ Reports

9.         Newspaper

10.      Committee Reports

11.      Budget Approvals

→ Stephen

12.      Old Business

13.      New Business

14.      Varia


→ Retreat p.2

→ Music Club room

15.      Next Meeting Date & Time

16.      Adjournment



Financial Secretary

Internal Affairs Officer

Academic Affairs Coordinator

Communications Coordinator 1

Communications Coordinator 2

Community Coordinator 1

Community Coordinator 2

Club Coordinator 1

Club Coordinator 2

General Executive 1

General Executive 2



1.    Call to Order

The meeting is called to order at 6:30 pm EDT.

2.    Approval of Agenda

→ Financial Secretary moves to approve the agenda of the 7th of November, 2017.


Votes: Unanimous Motion Carries

3.    Approval of Minutes

→ Financial Secretary moves to approve the minutes of the 31st of October, 2017.

Votes: 7-5-0 Motion Carries


4.   Guests


5.   Chairperson's Remarks

In the past week the Vanier foundation had their first meeting. If you have any questions regarding what happened specifically ask the Vice President. The new members have been formally welcomed to the fam.

6.   Presidential Remarks

  • Welcome to all new executives, first meetings actually feel less long than how it actually, should be. Feel free to ask questions to me, I might never be around.

  • Went to meet with the lawyer to discuss the different options we have regarding Diko case.

  • Will be organizing a supper with all club executives and club coordinators.

  • Will be organizing a supper with all executives.

  • I will always be watching over you... Will I do something about it? Yes, I should.  

  • I will be participating in the MCSA Dating show – We can advertise for them, and they can advertise for us (Concert Event). A partnership between 2 Student Associations.

  • Photo Club: Presented to me about this event with this budget: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=C602D2833817EAAA%21647&ithint=file%2Cdocx&app=Word&authkey=%21AOohykHcJOI7cko

  • Music club is without room, I will be working very closely with the club coordinators in resolving this issue.

  • I thrive for our unity, I thrive for our effectiveness, I wish we could change our policy so that next generations can start on a solid foundation.  

7.   Financial Secretary

→ Send me your reports please.

→ Whole bunch of logistical stuff on how we have spent our money, come ask me if you have any questions

→ Lots of love to the newbies <3

8.    Reports

a.   Vice-President:


b.   Internal Affairs Officer:

Retreat this weekend:

  • We leave Vanier at 6pm sharp.

  • There will be no supper given on friday night

c.   Academics:

No report

d.   Community:


Spoke with Dylan about future projects
Spoke with wusc for their trip to the international forum
Working as partners not as a single brain
Welcome children

No report

e.  Clubs:

1: checks were cleared

a debate club wants to exist and to advertise
2: Astronomy club stuff.
f.   Communications:


No report


Working on VCSA software (the proposed VCSA application) - for more details ask Krez

Working on Webiste. New execs, visit vcsa.ca and go to "Meet the Executive" page. Review the page and send me a brief paragraph just like the one on the page. Ask me for questions.

Deadline: Next meeting, 14 November 2017.

g.   General Executive:

Had a general Exec meeting to brief Gen exec 2

9.   Newspapers

No report

10. Committee Reports

Comm 1 spoke with wusc we might be reforming our mode of function concerning committees as their seems to be a lack of participation.

IAO will meet orientation committee November 17th of this year.

People must be appointed for several committees.

Financial secretary moves to recede chair.

Vote: 10-0-1

Motion Carries

11. Budget Approvals

→ Clubs Coordinator 1 moves to allocate up to 4600$ from the pool for a VCSA party at the end of this Fall semester.



  • Kampai was excellent; the students who were present enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • It would be nice to let our students have fun following finals.

  • Venue will cost about a thousand dollars.

  • 4 bottles will cost 920$ to be raffled

  • 1000$ for taxi vouchers

  • DJ and rapper will cost 300$

  • Management fee will cost 700$ for PRZNC


  • Too much for bottles, wouldn’t you say?

    • The price at Kampai was 220$/bottle. We are getting a good price.

      • Must we buy from the venue?

        • Yes

        • We are also paying for the service.

  • What about those that are under age?

    • Must be 18 or older.

  • What are our options concerning the venue?

    • We have many possible venues

  • Who will be organizing this event?

    • Financial Secretary (tentative).

  • Is this a VCSAxPRZNC or will it be a collaboration?

    • Undetermined

  • What will it be called?

Community Coordinator 1 moves to proceed to the vote.


Votes: 8-1-1
Motion Carries

→ Clubs Coordinator 1 moves to allocate up to 4600$ from the pool for a VCSA party at the end of this Fall semester.

Votes: Unanimous

Motion Carries.

12. Old Business

13. New Business

→ IAO moves to appoint Community Coordinator 1 and 2, as well as Financial Secretary to “The Sexual Violence Working Group.”


  • Social Service Officer is working on a new sexual violence policy for the school.

  • She needs three members to be apart of the working group.

  • These members would be working on the policy.

Votes: 6-2-0

Motion Carries

14. Varia:

→ Retreat.1

There are several council members who cannot attend, thus rescheduling should be considered.

  • Down-deposit is 375$

  • Not entirely certain how much we will be losing if we were to cancel, but it might be all of it.

  • Cost of retreat at the moment is 1500$ (and all incidental expenses).

  • Who can’t make it? 5 can’t make it.

  • 1 executive could never make it on any weekend.

  • Some executives sacrificed a lot to make it this weekend.

  • The point of the retreat is for all executives to attend.

  • What are the odds that all executives could make it anyhow?

  • All but 1 new executive can indeed make it.

  • Canceling this late will cost at least 50% of the cost, if not all of it.

  • We can always have a small gathering afterward during which those who did attend can relay information to those who missed out.

  • 2 Students from Concordia will be coming for their final stage before graduation.

  • Is there really any reason at all to cancel the retreat? Are we not already too late? It is in a few days after all. Cancellation would ruin our reputation as well as relationships with other organizations.

  • If we were to cancel then we would essentially be wasting student money.

  • Nobody wants to cancel.

→ Retreat.2

  • Should non-executives be allowed to attend?

  • Executive consultant, second in commands, chief of staff, past VCSA executives.

  • Second in command are to be determined.

  • Chief of Staff will be attending.

  • Executive Consultant will present a seminar on marketing for free.

  • Most seem to want the Executive Consultant to attend; he will attend.

  • Second in commands don’t really work with VCSA executives.

  • We have room for 12, we should not be wasteful.

  • Second in commands might benefit in running their teams.

  • There will be as many as possible attending.

→ Music Club room

  • President will resolve the issue with club coordinators.

15.  Next Meeting Date & Time

Tuesday, November 14th 2017 at 6:30pm ET.

16.  Adjournment

Community Coordinator 2 moves to adjourn the meeting.


Votes: UnanimimousMotion Carries.

Meeting adjourned at 9:27 pm EDT.

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