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FBF Cape Town S.A. Report


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WHEN you pray…!  PT 1


Without a doubt, a saints' prayer life tells us what kind of individual he or she is... or is not.  NOTHING is more fundamentally important to 'reality' in communion with YHWH God... than this vehicle of PRAYER!  PERSONAL PRIVATE PRAYER.. alone with Eternal Majesty!


Literally>>there are 10,000 things that need to be said about this pivotal 'activity'... but, we will not be attempting to do that at this time.  Make potent prayer a life-study.  A good preacher can never engage his local church body enough on this most vital of Christian Duties!  The church will rise or fall on this one!.. and so it is with individual professors.


Robert McCheyne said:

'What a man is in prayer before God, defines what that man is.'


The Apostle Paul taught that we should..'learn to pray without ceasing!!'


It's important to keep these teachings of Jesus in perspective... as did Our Master in the midst of delivering His 'SIGNAL teaching for disciples only'--what we now call the sermon on the mount!


Telescoping in--we have covered Chpt 5 with the Beatitudes/ or Blessings to His FAITHFUL followers, with an outline of the Gospel of the Kingdom... and how Jesus rejects the teachings of the Popular Religious leaders of His day. 


In Chpt 6, Jesus is articulating the 3 key ACTIVITIES that manifest in any true convert--to this Resurrection Life that Jesus Christ makes available to whom soever will!  He also takes time to reject and condemn the pretentious-formalistic practices of the Popular Religious leaders of His day regarding these topics--and to bring clarity out of confusion regarding the legal works 'spin' that had been long associate with what should be 'motivations of the heart' at an individual level--before God... and NOT man.

The Master is very clear about this distinction... and so must we.


In Matt 6.5 Jesus begins with the imperative expectation:  "When you pray!"  Yes... He PRESUMES ALL  of His followers to be PRAY-ERS!  Just as in the other two activities of those actually born-again... "when you give--and when you fast!"


You see, this is when so many so called adherents to Christ--'Fall Away!'  Everyone loves Jesus when He goes after the lost one, washes them in the Blood, cleanses us from all sin, calls us His sheep, gives us grace and mercy new every morning, heals us... and promises Heaven!... but, when He fastens to us some 'activities' and requirements... wow--there is an exodus!  Many fair-haired preachers and teachers never talk about the 'requirements' of Christ Jesus! 


Just listen to the psychology of the Joel Olstien's, Rick Warren's and Jim Dobson's of our day! "Just take these 10 steps, and this could be your best life--here and now!"  "How to protect your self-esteem!"  OH... how we must use circumcised ears today!  And now we have the Pope lecturing Mr Obama on 'world economics'... as if the holy roman empire does not have it's own 'priestly' legal battles to pay for... as part of their annual 'budget!'  In 2008 he acknowledged that..."The Catholic Church teaches "theistic evolution," which accepts evolution as scientific theory. Proponents see no reason why God could not have used an evolutionary process in forming the human species."  


OH... may we get back to the pure teachings of Jesus Christ... who changes not!  May we check all things said and taught by the word of God.  Acts 17.11


Yes, these 'rebukes' to the popular religious leaders, and the 'requirements and conditional promises' are back to back with the Beatitudes!  In the same Sermon!  Yet--to bring these words of Jesus back to life as minders to the Christian walk, brings such derision, scorn, heart-burn and resistance!  As if the prophet was making these things up!  But no... these are the plain teachings of Jesus Christ alone.  Mt 5.1 through 7.29 = 'the people were astonished at His doctrine"  For He taught them as one having authority and not as 'the religious fair-hairs!"


But hang around!  There are many more COMMANDS that Jesus will dish out to HIS disciples!  Again, these teaching are for the FLOCK of His Pasture!    None other will abide in His teachings.  Indeed, today... we are witnessing the great falling away>>for an easy-squeezy gospel that invites the world into a non-repentant PRAYERLESS-SHAM RELIGION... with many mega members!  Whatever does NOT promote Holiness... is NOT of Jesus Christ!  Amen.


Yes... a tree is known by its fruit!   Not quantity... but QUALITY.  2 Tim 2.20


Vs 6--but when you pray... enter into your closet!


Yes... our Master gives a Divine Directive--not a suggestion-- to get away from all distractions, worldly cares, and all eye to eye contact... indeed--any and all things that could break fellowship with YHWH God!  (Notice: Your car is NOT a prayer closet... unless you are pulled over on the side of a lonely road somewhere, in your driveway or in your garage! {yes-many spouses do this}.  Private prayer is as real a need as corporate prayer, or family prayer.)


Paul would take applications from the natural, and then apply them to the Spiritual realm when he taught.  Let us take the example of marriage.  That is a 'Covenantal Relationship' that mirrors the same relationship saints enter into with YHWH God... that of a Covenant that surpasses earthly Marriage... where the TWO become one New Man in Christ!  Ephes 5.29-32   HalleluYah!


Now then for the application: if one spouse does not make him or herself available to the other for daily, intimate relationship and conversation... then, there are problems!  Every marriage knows this.  That's the way it is when you are 'One Flesh with another!'  It is 2 beings living together in one body!  No walls!  When it's working, it is the most beautiful thing!  But, if there are big spaces in relationship, or distractions, or competing factors... then>> BIG problems!


Married people--imagine one of you watching TV or a video when you were in bed together?  Or talking together over something--and the cell phone was constantly being answered by your spouse and creating huge frustration with 'outside' distractions and breaks coming into your conversation! This would show that you are not the first priority in your 'covenantal relationship'>>> bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. Your priority status would be challenged!


So it is in the Holy place of Prayer!  YOU are coming before the Most High Sovereign GOD of the Universe!  He who has decided that WE as HIS Covenantal children should call Him ABBA-Father, awaits daily, hourly communion-union with HIM!  HE IS AVAILABLE!   Praise be to His Name!


No wonder Paul could say: Hebrews 4:16 Let us therefore come BOLDLY unto the throne of grace!  Dearly Beloved--it is an EXTREME BOLDNESS for hell-deserving dirt creatures--saved only by the covering of Christ's Blood--to come before the LORD of Glory... to pray, worship, cry aloud and make supplications!!!  That is Boldness!  To know that we will NOT be destroyed... but heard!  HalleluYah!


Now then... in THIS place of prayer--would any DARE to be listening to CD's in the back ground... or a TV or Video on!  Or a cell phone on--laying next to you... because the WORLD has priority over your CALL to ALMIGHTY GOD?!?!  I think you get the point here.  WE will reap what we sow!  Amen.


Jesus commands: "But YOU--when you pray--enter into your closet and when you have shut the door, pray to thy Father which is in SECRET;  and your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly. "   Matt 6.6


The private or secret place in prayer... denotes 'intimacy!'  Yes... a thing little talked about these days... because many do NOT know this side of YHWH God!   He LOVES intimacy!  1st Love!  Secret Love! But that must become the most important thing to His followers!  Living in the Presence of YHWH Himself!  This is a thing that is 'cultivated!'  It does not happen quickly.. or on demand!  Just like finding a faithful spouse... both trust and intimacy on many levels must be established, shared, and enjoyed! 


The God of the Bible is a very, very personal God!  He knows more about you than anyone else... including yourself!!!  Amen.  Yes... God is watching us all the time!  That should cause you to FEAR GOD... and KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS!  Amen.  The Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom!


Listen saints.. if you do not expect to hear from the LORD when you pray... you should throw away that god... and get the Infinite God of the Bible!  And, if you pray, and your god does not answer you... then again, throw away that little 'g' god and get to know YHWH who not only hears prayer... but answers them as well!


Do you want to cultivate intimacy with God Almighty... as your only TRUE Husbandman?  Prayer is the only place for that to occur.  Deeds and works won't do it!  Many church services, songs and programs and teachings will not do it!  It's your heart... alone before Father God.. opened and shared honestly with HIM!  That's what He's after!  You may never know how much He loves you!  That... would be a real tragedy!  That's one aspect of those who live in hell! Confusion! Darkness! Isolation! Spiritual ignorance eternally! 


"You have made my heart beat faster, my sister, my bride; You have made my heart beat... with a single glance of your eyes!"   Song of Solomon  4.9

OH Yes! ... Never forget!  WE serve a God of LOVE! How GREAT YOU are!


So then... with this clear understanding... there are no good options for secret prayer!  It may be that the god some people serve does not have command or hold first place in their lives, their hearts, or their affections!  For--if you, in this life only, have hope in Christ..., then you are of ALL men most miserable. 

1 Cor 15.19 

Regrettably, it is true.  Most people alive this day--do not know the God of the Bible.  Some may know about Him.  Some may teach and preach Him.. in part.  But that does not suppose that they Know HIm, Pray to Him, Need Him... or OBEY Him!

My Brothers and Sister... GOD SEES THE HEART!  He knows what you are going to say even before you speak it!  Matt 6.8  Even King David recognized that if his heart was not right--God would NOT hear him!  PS 66.18

King David had a secret prayer place... the fields with his flocks... alone with God... writings songs to the LORD that we have preserved in the Book of Psalms.

Father of Faith Abraham had his secret place... who pitched tents... and built alters to the YHWH God... and made sacrifice alone to God.  He was seeking His face even before coming to the Promised Land.

His progeny, Isaac, then Jacob, and then Joseph also were taught and abided in the secret place of prayer. Jacob in the desert saw the stairway to heaven!  Joseph found the LORD at the bottom of a well... and in a prison.  No one could keep these men from intimate fellowship with their God in prayer!  Communion-Union with YHWH God meant more than life to these men.

Moses too spent 40 years on the back side of a mountain, praying and seeking God's face while tending his folks.  It took Moses 40 years to realize he was somebody;  It took another 40 years to become a no-body; and it took yet another 40 years to realize that God only uses no-bodies!  Amen.  It is no wonder that Moses the aged, went into the mountains alone many times, to get alone... so that he could hear the voice of YHWH God clearly!  For weeks at at time!  My!  I wonder if we have any leaders like that today!

Jesus would go into mountains to fast and pray for 40 days.  I wonder if any Christian anywhere goes up into the mountains, or someplace where there are no electronic devices, sounds, music, media, etc... and just spends 40 days alone with God... even without fasting!  I wonder what that kind of leader would hear from Almighty God?  I wonder if people would want to hear those kind of things!  Certainly, the ears and heart of such, would take preparation!

It's true.  God always takes 'a season of time' to prepare His men (and women) ALONE with HIM... before they are empowered and released into their ministries!  Make no mistake... the God of the Bible does NOT change.

Daniel had his secret place... and specific times to be alone with his God.  His adversaries used these things against him.  Daniel was NOT ashamed of his prayer time, and priority of his prayers... above the civil law!  Even in the lions den... God had fellowship with Daniel... and delivered him!

It was the same way with his 3 co-laborers: Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael.  When they were thrown in the fiery furnace, The Son of God joined them, protected them and delivered them...because of their first priority-first love relationship cultivated with a strict diet, private prayer, covenantal love not to bow before Idols... even upon pain of death! The God they served 'took them through'... all these things.  YHWH Tevek

The Prophets all had their caves, usually in the wilderness somewhere.

John the baptist was no exception!  Indeed, he spent most of his life, until 30 in the wilderness...living simply, communing with God, and living in the place of prayer and meditation.  Without a doubt--he made provision for a life free from distraction... that he would "Make straight the Way of the LORD!" 

Then there was Yahoshua!  Jesus too had a secret place!  Several in fact!  There was the Mount of Olives, the garden, and several places alone in the hills and the fields... to get alone with His Father!  What a commentary, for the most innocent of men, to show his NEED for getting alone with YHWH God!  Truly, Jesus demonstrated that private prayer with YHWH was His First LOVE!

The Apostles learned from Jesus!  They were not strangers to this 'solitude!'  Peter, Paul (who spent much time in jail praying, teaching and writing... and John... who, even on Patmos as an older man in his 80's, was praying to God... and there Yahoshua/ Jesus met him... and gave many visitations, visions and the book of Revelation to write!  Dictating letters to the churches to John in that cave!

All these men... and all true saints learn this very important fact: Jesus said: "My reward... is with Me!"  For in Thy presence LORD is FULLNESS of Joy!  The JOY of the LORD is our STRENGTH!"  PS 16.11;  Neh 8.10

Paul would teach that "OUR conversation is in Heaven!"  My... does this place have value or what!!  In this place of private prayer, heaven itself comes down to earth... with very GOD in it!  Amen!  That's the only heaven around!  THAT... is the secret of Private Prayer--experiencing and practicing the very PRESENCE of KING JESUS!  There can be no other!

Closing application:

Dearly Beloved... I pray that we can see where this kind of prayer brings us!  Into Heaven itself! Which is--Into HIS presence--in ACTUAL TERMS!  Out of that reality and awareness flows WORSHIP!  PRAISES!  EXHALATIONS!  The over-flow of all our gratitude is daily, if now hourly poured forth to the KIng of Kings and the LORD of LORDS!  This is the normal Christian Life of FAITH!

Indeed... we then become more and more aware of His reciprocal LOVE-AGAPE... in terms of: soft touches; gentle whispers; glorifying engaging thoughts; fresh transports: HOLY VISITATIONS;  sweet embraces;  arresting encounters with the LIVING GOD of the UNIVERSE ALONE with you... in your prayer closet!  Your Tent of Meeting! 

OHH>>> may it ever be with you dear saints!  May the Holy Spirit quicken and advance us all in this Holy place of prayer and delight!  May we thank Him always for opening up such a storehouse of treasure here and now...made possible only through the Blood of the Lamb... as we continue in our work of growing sanctification before HIM with the HOLY SPIRIT... and the out-flow of our Proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom... for those who do not yet know Him at the level that Jesus Christ offers through His grace, His atonement,  His teachings, and His Sermon to ALL disciples on the Mount... set apart with Him.. in the private place!

The challenge to leaders, and all the Church is this... from the Apostle Paul:

"Now unto Him... that is able to DO "exceeding abundantly" above ALL that we ASK or THINK, according to the Power that worketh is us... Unto HIM be Glory... IN THE CHURCH... by Jesus Christ throughout ALL AGES, world without end... Amen!"   Ephes 3.20

True brethren:  Is this a portrait of our prayer life today?  Before God--are you praying to the level of intimacy and knowledge that you believe you have with Him?  Is this our reach and understanding of acting our faith daily upon Him?  Heb 11.6                     With the Apostle Paul--I pray it is!                 ~ Robert

To Be Continued... in Prayer Pt 2







The City


Bro Ivan - Open Air


Bro Renier - Open Air


Bro Ivan


 Big Beaches on the Cape/ Winter-Tourist Capitol of Africa-Europe-Asia!


The City Centre of Cape Town



Bro Renier   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAJ2jJUAPBc

Bro Ivan   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-WCrPUaWe0

 Bro Renier   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOVNfNKoOfY

Bro Ivan   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP_MMVD6Ujk

Cape Town Shame Parade  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDXPtPCVTgQ


Greetings from FBF Cape Town! 

My name is Renier van Rooyen.  I am a 29-year old street preacher living in the southernmost point of South Africa! Currently, the FBF Open-Air Team is only two of us.  However, 2 + Jesus is all you need.  We have seen many come... and many go... but, we are in this for the LONG-HAUL!  We have a few more in the support personnel, but only 2 still preaching in the Open Air.  Bro Ivan Forbes (a 49-year old street preacher)... and myself.  Even though we are almost 2 decades apart in age, the two of us work closely together (now at 3 years) to spread the Gospel of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ wherever we can!  We like to go to places wherever large crowds of people are gathered together and then we lift up our voices and PREACH as per Isaiah 58:1!  We seek to literally fulfill our LORD’s Great Commission in Mark 16:15 to go into ALL the world and PREACH the Gospel to EVERY creature!  This was our LORD’s very last instruction to His disciples before He ascended back to Heaven and therefore this particular command carries a LOT of weight!  We should go into ALL the world … therefore we go and we preach  …

(1) In Cape Town – you can go down town on any day of the week (except Sundays of course) and reach hundreds, yes thousands, of people within one hour with the Gospel. 

(2) On beaches – during the summer times we have a lot of tourists from the interior parts of our country and also from overseas visiting our beautiful, long beaches.  Beaches are also popular spots for people to bath their bodies in the sun... so we like to bath them in the Son of God!  

(3) On the trains – during the winter-months there are days when a man is not able to preach open-air because of the rain and the stormy weather  outside … not a problem!  There are always trains!  If you travel to work by train you can redeem the time by preaching on your way to work and back.  By preaching on the trains you can keep your voice trained and strong year-round despite of the weather. 

(4) On Universities – the future leaders of our country are found on our campuses.  Hence they afford great opportunities for us to go and correct their “evolutionist” and “atheist” thinking by “washing their brains” with the Word of God!

(5) In various towns - in and around the Western Cape – on Saturday-mornings most people in South Africa go to town to do their shopping.  Since most of these people never go to Cape Town to do their shopping, we make it easier for them to hear the Gospel by going to THEIR town and preaching the Gospel in their main streets!

(6) At events/festivals – We watch the media (newspapers, internet, etc) for any and all events that attract large crowds of people like street-parades, carnivals, concerts and exhibitions.   Certain events attracts such large crowds of people that we are willing to travel long distances ourselves to reach them. 

(7) At various other venues – when a false teacher (like Benny Hinn) comes into town we like to stand outside the conference centre to warn (OUT LOUD) each and every one entering the venue not to pay any $$$ to feed on false doctrines.  There really is no place in the world where the Gospel cannot be preached.  The Gospel can be preached ANYWHERE & ANYTIME (2 Timothy 4:2)

As you can see from the above, we are very active year-round to reach others with the Gospel by means of the PUBLIC PROCLAMATION.  The public proclamation was and is and will ever be THE best method to reach the masses with the Truth as it is in Christ Jesus.  I am very grateful to FBF (in particular brother Robert Ephrata) for adopting me as his “Timothy” and for teaching me all the things I need to know to be a well-rounded and complete soldier of Jesus Christ.  I am very grateful for all the direction (his emails & phone calls) and tools (books, banners & t-shirts) that FBF provided me with, to be effective in the public proclamation.  He has also been the only one to come from the US for missions here in Cape Town... not once, but twice now...establishing the work of Christ Jesus here... for which I will always be grateful to the Lord. 

As a lover of the Word of God I am attracted to the PURE Gospel that FBF Ministries preach to all the nations.  I’ve read all the articles and books published by FBF and listened to all the sermons preached by Bro Robert and can say a hearty “AMEN” to all the teaching that I have heard and read.  Truly, what FBF stands for is the Gospel Truth as it is in Christ Jesus.  It is simply the Book of Acts continued!  No denominations!  It is THIS Gospel that will set men free and equip saints to help others to be FAITHFUL men and women of God.  May we all be found faithfully preaching the Ever-Lasting Gospel of Jesus Christ when He comes ...  soon!  (Matthew 24:46).  Amen.

~ Renier van Rooyen, FBF Cape Town.





APM  SOT  FBF  TFC  Books are becoming available through www.lulu.com  


There have been several requests for multiple volumes of books for other ministries to pass out in Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and America.


FBF has been a 'printing and distributing ministry' since 1992... and over the years we began to see that we could not keep up with volume of requests as we do not charge for these resources... and we ran out of funds.  Thus began the process of uploading evangelistic resources on line www.timeforchrist.org  in 1997.  The work still goes on... and as it has been, all resources on the FBF/ TFC/ SOT Site are a free download. 


The requests for 'printed books' still come in... sometimes--by the case!  To meet this demand, we were directed to LULU.com which is a company that takes the material and also makes available a free down load with European sizing available for global distribution... and paper back books for their fee, which varies with ordered quantities. 


WE at FBF have no participation in LULU business.  All the funds for orders go to their business, which is totally independent of FBF ministries.  We joined our materials to the printing service for those who want it... just as others do who put their material up on LULU.  The difference is, that WE at FBF do not put any mark up on these products.   What you see as reflected costs are only LULU base costs for printing and operations... which is an excellent service.


Just look at the other authors, and you will plainly see that they have their profit included in their prices. WE have no adders of any kind.  FBF ministers are debtors to Christ.


Otherwise, we have no financial attachment or interest in LULU.  It is a separate business with no relationship to FBF-APM-SOT-TFC in any respect.  Our work is still the Great Co-Mission, equipping pastors and preachers, and establishing local churches.  FBF ministers are ALL tent-makers.


This is where our time, tithe, talents and gifts go... it is our joy to proclaim and promote the Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom... with the Master.  Mk 1.14


Our own policy has been--and remains--'Freely we have been given... and freely we give!'  This will not change.  Again... we are debtors to Christ alone!


 Link:  www.LuLu.com     simply put 'books' and 'robert ephrata' in the search box... and the titles come up directly for your preview. Be Blessed in your work and ministries.  FBF thanks all who participate in it's ministrations.



Christian Care & Concern For Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

By Robert Ephrata

What do you believe about the worlds oldest institution? What does the Bible say? No matter how you look at it you cannot... Read More

  Buy Paperback : or  Free eBook Download  


    2 books in one volume

Thoughts on Christian Fellowship & The Church in This City - 2 book...

By Robert Ephrata

Read More

  Buy Paperback : or  Free eBook Download  



Time for Christ - collection of various sermons and pamphlets   Vol 1

By Robert Ephrata

This book contains a collection of sermons and pamphlets for the purpose of edifying and encouraging preachers as well as... Read More

  Buy Paperback or   Free eBook Download  



www.        SONS  OF  THUNDER      .cc


Is a web site specifically devoted to the Open Air preachers ... who write in looking for more... and those who encourage the saints with all that the LORD is doing in their ministries... share their testimonies, witness and wisdom with the FBF family... and all those who aspire to OBEY Jesus Christ 

in HIS

Great Co-Mission!  Amen.  Mk 16.15-16


Cry Aloud!  Lift your voice like a trumpet!  And Show my people their sin!

Pv 1.20-12      Is 58.1      Titus 1.3,      1Pet 4.6,       Acts 8.4    2 Tim 4.2-5




Please feel free to send in your requests



The Intercessory Team is on their knees daily for the Church Family that is watching, waiting and eagerly seeking the 2nd coming of our Great King Jesus!

        For the drought conditions in E-Africa

It is taking a toll on the food availability.  Many of the pastors and brothers are farmers, and many families, dependents and orphans are having a tough time.
     Bro James and Sister Alice just had a baby girl... she has had surgery, but is doing well.  Bro James is FBF Administrator for Kisumu FBF Centre.  Sister Alice works with the Women's ministries.  They both work the Open-Air ministry with the rest of the team there.  They all are a big inspiration, and very effective.  The team is very capable and all pastors, teachers, and evangelists.  They have many prayer-warriors, and Women's ministries!

     Continued prayer for Bro David’s family… A good and faithful minister who was murdered by thugs for $256 USD…  that was for his children’s school tuition.

     Many pastors beginning to see that the 'prosperity gospel' is not of Jesus. That they might repent—and preach the FREE Gift of Christ! Rom 5.18

    For the Kenya CID working now to recover some stolen office equipment from FBF Centre Bungoma...

For all those who are seeking a 'good' church home... and faithful discipleship

For Christians to get all the way out of debt. Deut 28.44; Rom 13.8

     For the 2nd soon advent of Jesus Christ… to end sin in this world, once and for all..and to bring in His New Kingdom FREE of sin and death! Amen.  Heb 13.14

    Nigeria FBF Centre developing Ghana, Togo, Benin, Liberia,  Ivory coast and Cameroon.  The response has been great!  These men are working the fields of harvest.  Their passion is for the lost and confused--seeking Truth.

Enlarging missions and support for E India

DR Congo FBF Centre Development

Kampala FBF Centre Development

              Tanzania FBF Centre Development

Protection and Maintenance of East Africa Revival

              Relocation of FBF Central... for more efficiency to the Missions    

For Wisdom, Understanding, and Perseverance in these last days. WE are watching the unfolding of Biblical Birth Pangs getting closer and more severe all the time now… Every individual’s faith is going through the FIRE now! Like it or not…ready or not--it’s time! Stay with it! Pray always! Press on!

PS 119.126; PV 15.3; 21.22; Is. 48.10; 59.14; 59.1-2

More intercession for the Corporate Church Bride of Christ to be Dressed in Holy readiness

My Friend IT'S TIME!

Don’t wait! You’ll be late!


"Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out."




How Blessed are the Feet that bring the Good News of the Kingdom

Isaiah 52.7-8     Romans 10.15


Following in the Footsteps of the Master Preacher...

JESUS walked those many dusty roads too...






The Teams of FBF Ministry

~  Your comments and questions are always welcome.  ~

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